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  • I'm zoning out, got my mind on a different plane
  • Clouded thoughts, it's like I'm stuck in the rain
  • Rap is my outlet, the way I express my pain
  • But sometimes it feels like I'm going insane
  • I chase the beat, it's my therapy
  • Losing myself, finding solace in melodies
  • These words I spit, they're my remedy
  • But these clouded thoughts, they never set me free
  • I dive deep into the beats, seeking clarity
  • But the darkness within, it's got a hold on me
  • I pour my heart out, spill it all out on the track
  • But these clouded thoughts, they always pull me back
  • I'm searching for answers, within these lines
  • Hoping to find peace, leaving the darkness behind
  • But these clouded thoughts, they keep haunting me
  • I need a breakthrough, to finally be free
  • I'll keep fighting, till these clouds disappear
  • Finding my way, through music, no room for fear.


  • Yeah blind mode bc you're blind, dissing liryaxx what you'll find
  • Like a flag bc taken by any wind , 18 lines plus 18 to broke your mind
  • Serousily you diss me see baby I'm lazy to go underground to kill you
  • No cursing I'm king smiling doing any thing everything shut you a few
  • OK you wanna a challenge? Try to get out from my city alive
  • Broking a few gonna cringe like a reaper I come just to take a live
  • Now how you have a face to stand face to face with your fans
  • Oh no you just try to be me but you can't it's hard stans!!
  • Why you start a battle with the L , yes you want to end your life
  • Bye bro you must ring the bell , finish the battle you become my wife
  • You let me text last night , you want a featuring with me right ?
  • In rapped there's only a knight , me sorry I had turned off the light
  • Yeah some beginners listeners to my art , you come to my rap uf it's far
  • Yeah a gaz why you look like a fart, you are from under I slap you like a star
  • Dear vampz stay voting with diversion to my enemy, you're lucky I have a goal
  • Apear to kill every who want to fall me , I'm here always to stop this farce all
  • Just a message before finish this massacre
  • No rap no culture no rap no beat no cover you are a worm stay under

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