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  • In Queensland's floods a hero stood,
  • Young Jordan Rice brave and good,
  • The waters rose danger was near,
  • But he faced it all with no fear,
  • With family in the car,
  • Facing danger near and far,
  • The waters roared the currents strong,
  • As they travelled something went wrong,
  • With his mum and brother by his side,
  • like a lighthouse in a raging tide,
  • A hero emerged young Jordans name,
  • His selfless act would bring him fame,
  • As Jordan can't swim,
  • his fear lays with him
  • Jordan fears water's embrace,
  • but faced it with grace,
  • With each passing moment tension filled the air,
  • The weight of their situation too heavy to bear,
  • But as water raged on their worries grew,
  • A sense of impending tragedy they couldn't undo
  • The first persons attempt swept away in the flow,
  • But a second man emerged determine to show,
  • like a mighty rock against the surge,
  • Reaching the car his courage began to emerge
  • Jordan Rice brave and true,
  • closest to the rescuer he knew,
  • In the face of danger his choice was clear,
  • To prioritize his brother a bond so dear,
  • In that fatal moment his words were brave and true,
  • "Take my brother first" his love shing through
  • Before the rescuer could return to the car,
  • The rope snapped, tragedy left its scar,
  • In that moment of despair, no time to react
  • The car flipped over a tragic impact,
  • In the rushing water they were swept away,
  • Not to be seen another day,
  • In our hearts we honour his name,
  • Jordan Rice a hero a forever aflame
  • His legacy whispers reminding us to be kind
  • To help others with love in our mind


  • Yall dont know i put you in choke holds, if you enter my realm of hell
  • Thats where I dwell you go loco, i know you cant lift a 1 pound dumbbell
  • I dwell in hell cuz im satin, you now you dispelled to the underworld
  • As a spirit kid your no longer a lyricist, your slower then a fucking turtle
  • This is a track meet except you aint no athlete, you cant jump the hurdles
  • I’ll make you have hell on earth, till you yell fuck the world
  • I show you true pain, dictate you like Husain gas like Germany except verbally
  • That dosent mean im a Nazi I scorch with blue flames, my verses be stronger than Hercules
  • Except this is not mythology, im the king of Albany
  • You act like a stars, you aint seen in astrology
  • Your microscopic you think your a profit, but wheres the prophesies
  • Im still a boss with skill im philosophical, i have a philosophy like Socrates
  • Its that haters die, and MCs against me if they make a rhyme
  • Against me son i hit them with a machine gun, or they vaporized by my laser eyes
  • These are feared raps i hit him with tear gas, but I already made him cry
  • So that was useless i snap him like a toothpick, his musics wasted I
  • Through it in the garbage damn, its sounds retarded man
  • i flip to the right page he faces my mic rage, ice age I freeze him in the arctic land

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