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Battle on October 8 2023 and Battle on December 1 2023


  • Blurred sights for a third night verse light
  • Up the drugs in which I need to die
  • I need to die just to live
  • Every second every minute a little more to the finish
  • Infinitely gifted but these sins been on my wish list
  • Sippin for the shit of it as if it'll be a bit different
  • I just need big titted women to peak the interest
  • A bit of drugs and I'm in it wet but never slippin
  • Keep it comin Like a nut by the hundreds
  • Burning up my stomach from all the drug hits
  • I can turn something into nothin
  • A ton of shit that's worthless
  • I've been living in hells kitchen with no curtains
  • No purpose
  • Besides the narcotics
  • Alcoholic mixed with it liver rotted need some oxycontin
  • As if it's oxygen mind locked in
  • A state of mind where the capital
  • Is the only thing that matters I guess the trap will do
  • Only way out seems to be impossible
  • Cut from the cloth where life is just an obstacle
  • I don't wanna die almost like there's not an option to
  • Feel like I wanna live within the jungle I'm consumed
  • In
  • Fuck it
  • Ha gay


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  • They stay the same, everything stays the same
  • That damn song again, left it on loop, a replay
  • Tired of the same old thing, but it feels like I can't get away
  • Why try to escape, if I'm already caged, I'm already bathed, covered in blood, okay
  • But this ain't no Horrorcore song, nope, this more of a corridor long, joke
  • Another measurin' stick, to measure up my stick, another song in the mix
  • Mix it up a bit, don't act like you ain't struggle with it, you struggle again
  • These lyrics make you sound like a burden, went up this long without no cursin'
  • Couldn't say the same about you, not even in-person
  • Seems like I'm possessed, 'cause I see you in-person
  • But I'm in-person, inside you, but you don't deserve this
  • Don't hope for the best, like I'm surfin', the waves crashin', I guess I'm learnin'

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