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  • sometimes I need someone to help me
  • to help me jump-start my mind inside
  • this shell of mine
  • but people decline
  • my sick rhyme
  • cause I feel like
  • I dislike the night
  • but tonight is fine when I'm rappin' till my raps decline
  • I love the lie that you decided to sell to these motherfuckin' losers
  • cause I've heard the rumors that
  • your mom told you
  • that she loved you
  • which is a fuckin' lie
  • but no one else knows but me and her
  • cause you have everything left to lose
  • I have nothin'
  • but my own mind
  • that keeps feedin' me all
  • of these rhymes
  • Cause now you will burn
  • and everyone around you will say
  • "burn bitch burn"
  • like when Anakin fought Obi-Wan
  • You'll be distraught when you lose this whole motherfuckin' rap battle
  • and you'll know because of me
  • I'll lead this century
  • with my memory
  • with rap
  • You Just Gave Me A Fuckin' Jump-Start


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  • /Hook/ Yess, Yess,
  • that how we do it baby,
  • that how we use it baby
  • Verse one
  • Oh' am tryin' to rep bangers, findin' answers to the chapters
  • fightin' against the threat of other gangsters
  • tryin to fold to the next, my sensed is gettin' old
  • tryin find sense of this perplexed but it just gettin' rolled
  • I don't know what yall hear am right here, your forgetting
  • am listenin' ear to ear, straight from the ghetto the place
  • i single-handedly uphold
  • never hesitate to mold and disgrace
  • like a throw-back to a tempo you can't erase
  • We all living here cause we born here
  • whole place on a brawl, it all torn up i over-hear
  • The whole place is control,
  • scorn to the point even my beats not on top tier
  • got joint team and now where on gun-point,
  • but i don't care, my beats still playin
  • on rewind for years like Shakespeare.
  • I rhyme and rhyme, is there any like my kind?
  • it appears that am the master puppeteer
  • oh yea oh yea good-year
  • Sup
  • Verse two
  • Back again people wanna say am like him
  • say I sound like Izzo to the yeez Key
  • nah I got my own crowned, they say am alike
  • nah am A.H.T.J that my type
  • Yo today was quite alright, but when they stop that vibe
  • I turn to something you cannot describe
  • I am stubborn, you cannot stop me, this isn't western, this is chicago city
  • Am like a president of my hood, am a menace,
  • punches faster then speed of sound
  • put so many stitches that you cannot count.
  • but then i look back at my childhood wondering if
  • it was shattered and bled and
  • shove underground
  • Verse three
  • People say rappin' not a buisness and not workin
  • I tell them
  • "yall searchin ways to find money while am already two story high
  • watchin"
  • Am ready, fought for a piece of penny, that my style, was it worth it?
  • well nah but it will worth-a-while.
  • Look around hoping I don't get caught,
  • If i get caught i know that what i deserve,
  • but i still throw everything i got, cause i turn the whole story reverse

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