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  • I am hungry got the munchies, I am Wolfish for the bars
  • Mounds o' money running, running bullish up to Mars
  • Took half a milli billies and I spent it all on cars
  • n my bunny's lookin' lovely, much lovelier than yours
  • Now I'm divertin' course; framing up this person
  • attention's like a laser; aiming at DIVERSION
  • I'd bake this faker, pussy chaser it'd take just one incursion
  • He ain't who he says he is he paints a 'DI'fferent 'VERSION'
  • and of this I am certain, you're a bore -
  • if I was at ya concert then I'd be lookin for a door
  • it's the rising of the curtain and you're unaccounted for
  • we'd think you were a Sturgeon, FLOPpin' on the floor
  • Diversion, from the version of the person that YOU ARE
  • would be divergence, from the person we ABHOR in this game
  • we really think you're burdened when we reading STAY THE SAME
  • and you need to go and check your fucking facts on Kurt Cobain
  • I ain't gettin to ya brain; ya head filled up with cotton
  • I'm probly saying this in vain; your heads' swelled n broadenin'
  • I'll pop it; dead pres's on your name til ya released or offed, man
  • I'll get ya like The Hunger Games killed Philip Seymour Hoffman


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  • Call me twisted, 'cause I'm twistin' up this, I'm twistin' your pics
  • Breadstick at base, I snap you, smackin' yo face
  • A bit "Wolfish", but they couldn't take it all
  • Kicked outta the gang, fend for yourself
  • Dropped outta the club, never make it, nah
  • Never take it, just fake it 'till you make it
  • But you can't make it, you hardly able to fake it
  • Call 'em "Wolfish", a bit of an infant, so kid
  • I ain't mean to beat you down, this ain't my best
  • I'm holdin' you to the ground, call this a test
  • Pushin' the button, only time you blow
  • Lost your reputation, don't cry, swallow

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