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  • Your songs are all kinds of trash, use those bars to wipe my ass,
  • This diaper rash tryna spaz, but finally he’s dying at last
  • You defied the scriptures when you cried out for dick pictures,
  • That’s sinister shit, you clicked the square to make the shit bigger ?
  • Yo, Pull that trigger, show us you ain’t a switch hitter
  • I eat tits for dinner, you squeeze penis and use semen as tooth filler
  • You aint a true killa, just a new nigga, lisping while rappin,
  • Riffin and raffin’, I’d get more traction if I shit in a napkin,
  • That’s what happens when battlin’ sin, ass clappin’,
  • Unlimited back-handing, infinite sack- slapping your faggot ass chin,
  • Detaching your grin, u got special attacked in your anal latch
  • The octopus painfully got attached, and cock-smacked the prolapse
  • You gobble gonads, and tried out for the triads
  • But your tai-chi dad got mad, now you’re here, acting like u bad on rappad


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  • yeah my name is Sean lot of people call me white boy Carl yeah my niggas
  • got my back that's why i'm got em on speed dial haven't talked to my big
  • sister and i know its been a while so just get out my face before i take an
  • extra mile niggas tryna act brave but they know they ant strong
  • hit a nigga in his face now i know he ant smiling calling people
  • a disgrace now they all start crying

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