Battles  KayThaKing vs NameLol


no cursing trippie redd allty(google it) type stuff love song stuff has to be recorded

Max of 64 lines


KayThaKing won this battle!


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  • ik this stuff is wack
  • but we gon play it out like black and jack


  • Yo Enfriar be hitting up the room
  • Shining the gold, zooming the battle by vroom vroom
  • Your bars you call great compared to mine are weak
  • My lines are straighter spit than your water from your hose
  • I bring up the heat, bring up the hype
  • Get off the stage, I be getting in that spotlight
  • My rhymes straight A's, got them all around the maze
  • My heat hotter than the summer, my style go on well for days
  • You ain't no king, I'm no servant, nope no way
  • Best I could be is a jester for the audience to have em laugh at you going down by this hit
  • Stop thinking your bars are hot gold is to you my tip
  • You go like "Oh bro Kay stop it's enough" "Nah nah I keep going" yet to that person you've barely left a scratch
  • You can barely rap, how you even type
  • My bars are golden, shine like the day
  • You spit nothing you the blank night
  • I the oven, and you wanted to be cooked
  • This the end of the battle, you've been roasted.
  • Challenged my heat, you've been toasted.

Cookin' something up, just wait a sec...