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  • Got my headphones on, drowning out the dawn,
  • A symphony for one, from dusk till early morn.
  • Worlds away, on a sonic flight,
  • Chasing shadows with the rhythm, in the dead of night.
  • The melody whispers secrets, every tune a new response,
  • Lose myself in the beat, let the music be my sconce.
  • Got my headphones on, framing my own zone,
  • In this expanding universe, I'm never really alone.


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  • Oh he skelly then I'm skelly too!
  • I just hit up baba!
  • told his ass he better catch a tool
  • Why they steadin' dissin'
  • only 12 really know them fools
  • Oh I found they opps'
  • Barney I thought me and you was coo'
  • I guess that's what the net'll do
  • All that stupid shit is for the birds
  • (basics)
  • i-i-i just hit a lick on jayjay dem-
  • and now they duckin' up
  • spint the block like way to many times
  • Now my bullets rough
  • What happened to they team?
  • guess they ghosted!
  • Now I'm steppin' up
  • Ya'll not finna diss' on me
  • this ain' no toy's R Us
  • Rollin' up yo deads
  • Now Don't forget
  • I got my bullets tucked
  • Twinno called up yeat!
  • I got the tonka-
  • Now the molly stuck
  • I-i-i Been hittin' licks
  • I put ya'll on
  • Now rockstar in da dust
  • No ya'll not sippin' that lean
  • keep yo mouths shut
  • oh he skelly with the team?
  • We not smokin' on ruts
  • Sparked his momma with team
  • they get high off nuts
  • (haha wock your funny)

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