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  • Ericdoa:
  • (hi I'm dante)
  • Why the fuck these niggas hidin'
  • Dissin' like you on the mileage
  • I just want my money back
  • You pussy niggas'
  • suck at robbin'
  • (hey!)
  • (what!)
  • its 2020!
  • Woxkstar:
  • Took that shit right off the net
  • Now all these bitches' fuckin' with me
  • Pxck11:
  • Yeah I carry sticks
  • now ain't no pussy niggas buckin with me
  • t3psii:
  • Oh they like that kankan diss'
  • they let me kno who vibin' with me
  • Ericdoa:
  • Niggas goin' bar for bar
  • but they don't know who really with me
  • Wxckstar:
  • Rollin' I'm just rollin' I'm jus rollin' up that molly
  • All:
  • Yeat he got that shit on him
  • that tonka smell like molly
  • t3psii:
  • w-w-why you niggas dissin'
  • 2020, past the body's
  • wxckstar:
  • oh we shot his manz?
  • we not surprised
  • they hit the Heimlich
  • All:
  • rollin' we just rollin' we just rollin' up they bodies
  • sparkin' up yo wood
  • now pussy niggas lost they homies
  • wait!
  • no!
  • its 2020
  • (rollin' we just rollin' we just rollin' up they bodies)


  • I gotta pop some more pills, stayin' awake 'n growin' ill
  • Another knife, twist the handle, force it deep, a twisted mangle
  • All them haters been like my cattle, always leadin' them, another battle
  • The way I talk, I'm experienced, the way they squawk, it's another period
  • As ill as I am, I got them nurses wrapped like my trash can, saran wrap them
  • Postmortem, after they die, it's Rigor Mortis
  • Stiff as a nail, I will not fail, give 'em Lockjaw, the only way to keep they mouths shut
  • Down in a basement, another Jefferey Dahmer, the latest
  • Consider this the greatest, a freestyle of makeshift
  • But I ain't make it, lost out once, back again, replacement
  • This a resurrection, the land of doom, your opinions, displacement
  • Some food for thought, a fool got caught
  • Most of 'em on here, that's food for thought

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