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short beat-less, or whatever

Max of 24 lines


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  • I got a presence that'll mess with your intentions
  • your diss'll just be gristle, git you roasted in the mentions
  • your boasts are just inventions, a sparkler while the 'works fly
  • i've been working since the Oval, held by scandal-on-a-skirt guy
  • let your worst fly, I horse the shot and clip the dub
  • can you even make the cut
  • I'm the type to saw a tree top, 50 feet straight up
  • I'm giving, but not for fucks. yall twiddle thumbs
  • while i triple up. no snub,
  • just an encouraging shove. wanna battle...
  • throws glove


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  • Yeah well its okay dude
  • U threw the glove down
  • Now I'm gonna throw down too
  • Pump up the volume
  • For you and your crew
  • Naah let me turn it down for u fools
  • U wanted a rap battle
  • So that what I'm gonna give you
  • Sitting on a shitter
  • Shittin on a spitter
  • Literally
  • I come by rappers like you regularly
  • At least u write ur own bars and don't lipsync . Finally
  • I see that fools face everyday now G
  • Lipsyncers trying to battle me
  • End up imna fuckin cemetery buried
  • So scary? Boi u still g9t dairy under your nose
  • I'm here to dispose of folks Like those
  • Unbelievable individuals
  • Tryin to rap like gods
  • They end up sounds like bunch of bozos
  • Pump up the volume
  • Fuck the world
  • I'm waiting for a stadium

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