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  • First time here, still long time no see,
  • I’m raising my sails, I’m the king of the sea
  • I heard your label is low on sales, you raised the stakes
  • And therefore nowadays ur bitch tapes while she penetrates
  • Prosperous Candidates until her pussy disintegrates,
  • All of this to pay ur fucking bills, you are sick mate
  • So from today stay away from that chick or I will make
  • No fucking mistake aiming at ur balls, whoosh ur legacy
  • Erased, with only one bullet__ one blow
  • why do u suddenly Sound falsetto? —
  • U should participate on an intake to record a mixtape with
  • Fucking Drake And meanwhile
  • Grab the opportunity to get ur ass raped by him and Justin timberlake


  • I have known you for years
  • To get Borken hearted was sum i didnt want but i gotta face my fears
  • Imma be fine no more tears
  • A hoe has options
  • Who wouldnt want a bitch wit sum nice lips
  • Imma be a hoe i dont give 2 shits
  • These dudes dont know what they be missin
  • you lowkey be missin me
  • You think imma go back wit u you be dreamin
  • Im lowkey done crying over you
  • a cutie like me can find someone new
  • Cant let sum 1 hurt me
  • im just gunna be
  • Tbh when u single you feel free

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