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  • trolls and cantaloupe (4x)
  • now check out there was this nigga and his damn computer
  • he was talking crazy shit trying to tell me how to maneuver
  • now it was all fun and games until we figured out where lived
  • yeah we got the whole address yeah we got that shit pinned
  • aight get the Ar, get the choppa, get the m16
  • hold up i forgot go grab the glock and 90 please
  • hold up grab nina and smith you know they like to sing
  • they some damn overachievers they going do it by any means
  • goddamn boy
  • you must be stupid as fuck
  • you trying to play wit
  • on gang nigga we'll fuck you up
  • we the ones that be handing out these wings
  • not these angels bruh
  • i don't care if it's yo bitch niggga
  • i'm addressing her
  • they be talking crazy on the net
  • until we pop out where they at
  • then they want to scream for peace
  • well see i don't believe in that
  • i believe in getting evening
  • buss a nigga chop his head
  • no alive i want all dead
  • like Dot bring me back a dread
  • niggas know what i be on
  • murder time is what i'm on
  • run up if you want to bitch
  • swear to god you'll fucking fold
  • last nigga that played wit me
  • swear i think he was a troll
  • ran up i double tapped
  • his head busted cantaloupe
  • trolls and cantaloupe (4x)


  • Bitch you got me fucked up (thinkin' I ain't lit)
  • Play with me and you get fucked
  • Hit em' with that stick
  • Bitch I got my bands out, I ain't worried bout no bitch
  • Blrrd Blrrd Blrrd Blrrd
  • Imma hit em' with that switch
  • Ain't no switchin' up, lil bitch you know I stay the same
  • Keep 2 handles on my hip
  • Lil bitch I feel like max payne
  • Catch me in da trap, I'm waddle whippin
  • Bitch I'm cotton Kane
  • Put the 40 to his face
  • Knock A nigga out his frame
  • Bitch I'm really out my body,
  • let em' know I ain't fuckin with em'
  • me and bro both got the blick
  • so you know that I'm buckin' with em
  • I just made a hunned bags'
  • Told the fee's to come and get em'
  • Rockin' with the opps' then you get clapped
  • (if you runnin' with em')
  • BOW, hit that nigga in the dome
  • Its D.O.A
  • Drako shoot unrecognizable
  • Now you can't see his face
  • Let the stick, wet a nigga block, like a fuckin lame
  • I get rich I'm still slidin'
  • Bitch I'm buckin' out the rate
  • ......

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