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  • pre-chour
  • yo
  • listen to the music
  • don't you feel it
  • the drugs like a water spark
  • now i wish i hope i can die
  • verse 1
  • my problems keep on growing
  • and i keep losing myself
  • i turn to drugs and that shit never even helps
  • now im taking needles in my vain
  • I'm hoping ill just die and get rid of the pain
  • now im hardly eating and bleeding im havein strokes everyday
  • trying to find a vein to strike
  • all i see is no luck and wanting to die
  • so i cock that gun and put it to my head trying to pull that trigger
  • once twice three times but that shit was on the child safety
  • i cant even find a new high
  • cause my vains are too infected
  • and im getting tired of trying
  • when everyone lies
  • they say that you're ok but look at all the pain they have cause me
  • never thought i would touch methadone
  • now im on that floor shaking like a bitch tho
  • chour
  • hearing that i should give up cause im mistake
  • but I am trying to keep my head held h igh
  • im buying drugs and selling everything i got
  • my body rings and music to get my high
  • i abt died of overdoses and i just love the high too much
  • now i lost everything,
  • my family, my sister, and even my wife
  • Matter fact I dreamed that I lived twice
  • Also, this mothafucka got a nine to five
  • i home most even died
  • verse 2
  • over night prayin i dont die
  • when i take another line
  • show that im always open
  • while that vain is collapse
  • Girl the way you're movin', got me in a trance
  • We getting money, you can face the facts
  • or all these niggers can get there asses back
  • its all gonna end the same, shits go in vain
  • all my nigga gonna hit the floor
  • and all these drugs are making us lose of more people
  • now im enjoying this view of my high
  • and now we dont have time for this evil shit
  • And i tell ‘em that I don’t give a damn
  • kids thought they can make threats
  • well bitch i hold what i say
  • so stop riding my dick and get a life
  • so peace out
  • peace out have a nice life
  • oh, i forgot u dont got a life
  • so fuck it when they die
  • fuck you and ur momma u didnt have


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  • Intro// This good rapper.. wai fuck you haters
  • 0:14
  • I broke your bitch down like mator, what a traitor
  • she aint tell you but now i date her
  • I left her with the floor like how asteroids seethe a crator
  • pussy boy ill make you sprinkle blood salt shaker
  • yous a stranger, no precaution when im swingin a razor
  • whiped yo whole existence im the lyrical flip side of the pencil eraser
  • more fire than triangle waist shirts, but im more iced out then
  • antarctica's glaciers, own it like acres, i split you to pieces like a bag ah quakers
  • not given im crew with the takers, for a freestyle im accomadatin sum shakers
  • fresh the oven they aint like ima food spittin baker,
  • What
  • No sides glocks will be drawn play you off like a pawn
  • drive you right back to your spawn oh wait you gone
  • double sword blades shred its mulan,
  • I makem leak blood faster than air pressed outta futon,
  • im like, fucking sad,still tryna figure out who i want dead
  • losin teeth in all i played crystal ball in my head,
  • squarepants your last name, forgot to bring the gunmanual you couldve read
  • now ima show you physically not word-to-word said,
  • fatal injuries occur in the spinal cord or ovverated head,
  • 22 lines im runnin this shit like phys ed
  • 10 minutes im finishing wrap and place a bow on each end
  • blasphemy take my demons retreat and descend
  • all these enemies off my list cuz they aint great they pretend,
  • Knock yo lights out bitch im the fuckin weeknd, yo knuckles just weak ends
  • pull up see me threw the block drift tires schreechin
  • say she wanna love me so i switch hands and reach in Uh,
  • - 18 minute freestyle

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