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  • risking the biscuit, not gonna be eating no triscuits
  • flames in the pantry, floods in the distance
  • only one chance, never gonna miss this
  • floss the beat, going on a rhythm streak
  • just gotta write some words because words are the building blocks of
  • sentences, do i know what repentance is? i know what a death sentence is.
  • get down to the core, show em all just a little bit more
  • it's a game to the wicked and a shame to the witless
  • be a good dear, now hear be a witness
  • all my bars are in business, ready to throw a hissy fit at the drop of a hat
  • broke my off my morgul blade in your organs, you gonna need a surgeon
  • feeling like shit cuz u sat onna sea urchin
  • yea, i been out here searchin
  • exploring, soaring, see the earth from space. way ahead of the race
  • running backwards i set the pace, verbal ace
  • sparking up a conversation
  • sparking up this joint
  • yeah, i smoke hella weed, now let's get down to the point
  • bitches be all up on me, no way to pull em off me
  • sorry bae, gonna give it to you softly
  • we ain't doing this no more, it's all for the best
  • so shoo, get a move on, it's time yo ass left.
  • so it was, now it is
  • that's just fine, it's ok
  • we'll catch up later, bis spater, bon voyage, ciao, aloha
  • rough seas again, party at ten, making moves while nobodies lookin
  • live by the sun, die by the gun
  • conscious prisoner of conscience


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  • At the pinnacle precipice
  • I'm a cynical pessimist
  • Always spittin with deliberate excellence
  • Yo the flow so sick its deliverin pestilence
  • Settin precedence, my presence is deafenin
  • And the fact I'm back & more clever than ever's evident
  • Never lesser than competitors, wreckin it
  • I'm the main attraction, you're an extra like a predicate
  • Your pathetic little half-assed whack raps excrement
  • So quit pesterin the pro level, bold, gold medal holdin cold devil

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