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  • Come and take your smoke break
  • The boss aint here so its ok
  • Ill be look out we can rotate
  • The blunt so loud it pronate
  • A good one rolled take me back to the old days
  • When i kept golds in my mouth like colegate
  • Saved a couple checks up just for the rollie
  • Now the bread come to the house like postmates
  • Ok ok
  • After work ill grab me a cold case
  • I like bud light , get the mood set right,
  • got two bedside, with some old ye
  • Hit the booth rock out like coleplay
  • I repeat aint sleep in four days
  • That Money coming hard i foreplay
  • Tricked out the car bought a whole eighth
  • And Now im smoking loud my boss aint around
  • I Got hydraulics with the bounce and a new surround
  • I see the Work snitch looking now i got to put it out
  • And Im still holding in this cloud blow while ducking down


Attached media not accessible.

The owner took it down or changed the settings to private.

  • Flow with precision I go to perdition I'm firey hot & I know it's my mission To learn & to listen then speak what was spoken with wisdom To teach em & hope that they get what I'm givin' And then if they don't well, I'll gladly repeat it Just kick it & smoke & get happily weeded Indulge in the eating of apple's from Eden & stabbing the Phoenix Amass all the power you can because weakness to me is like fat to bulimics The patterns in words that I rap are the math of a genius Travel to Saturn from Earth & I'm crashing on Venus I am a passionate, curt & irrational bastard who's crafting a thesis Grab the expanse of creation inside of my hand & then smash it to pieces I am a speaker of truth in a time when the people prefer to be stupid I am a seeker of proof in a time when the powerful often reduce it I am a creature who chooses to loosen the noose of control that I'm in and refuse it Neither a leader nor follower I am a dreamer, a nuisance, supreme & I'm Lucid! The meaning in life is imbued not inherent, so I seek what feeds my soul Beauty is priceless & truth is apperant, please keep belief in both Words are the vehicle that I can use to convey what I feel I know I'm in a place in my mind where I'm wandering constantly, single & cold Talkin' to God cuz I'm lost but there's not a response as it frequently goes I have been fleeing from legions of heathenous demons that feed on my hope Forever in motion, conceiving these rhymes in my mind to the beat of my pulse Speak of the speech of the pros Keep a beleaguered mystique in the prose Beginning to bleed from my skull Feelings impeding my growth Suppose I must reap what I sow Try to grow seeds but they're deep in the snow This seemingly infinite winter's been keepin em froze

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