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5 minute battle// write as much diss/freestyle as you can in under 5 minutes..

Max of 62 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • Rushing,
  • shoving lyricals, they built for imperial, im a new typa material,
  • this killer serial, Eat rappers up like cereal
  • ..Establishing this worth, yall stealing ladies purse,
  • Can't stop this curse, this killfeed gettin worse,
  • Everytime you stop I'm training for first,
  • Spittin up a storm its a blaze when its dispersed,
  • They used to go for me now its reversed


  • Verse 1: Freestyle
  • Aye, Look i don´t know if you know this but hate is in this world
  • Honestly, I don´t really judge people, i´m just not that girl
  • But Everyone got their own opinion, they don´t want you to judge
  • I don´t care if you really love chocolate or if you die for that fudge
  • Stop being damn offensive babe, who cares if you hate Donald Trump?
  • Who cares if you wanna jump into the abyss with yo man, it´s you, just jump
  • It´s our job to make sure others know that - Respect nowadays is getting flat
  • Don´t put up a fight or lose your damn shit - it´s enough baby, that´s it
  • Just pay attention to you, focus on you - if someone hates, don´t feel blue
  • Did I ever ask you to judge others? God is the only judge in this story
  • Did i ever ask yo ass to get mad cause you ain´t got shit in yo inventory?
  • Just Chill out it´s gonna be fine
  • Relax baby, just drink on some wine
  • Verse 2: Vocals
  • Ooh, Ooh
  • Everyone´s own opinion ain´t got you in it, it´s not a full on song
  • Don´t be emotional if drama goes down, you can stay strong
  • No Respect got me going crazy, can´t we be nice?
  • Cooking up these factual bars, mix it up with rice
  • It´s their mind, not yours
  • Chill, or go do some chores
  • Yeah, Yeah

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