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  • yeah, when my bars hit, make my bitch legs split
  • hit this, fuck this, fuck you, i'm out here
  • make a statement, it's all the pavement, i don't see no evidence
  • chords strumming, got the clit humming, all this pussy i'm strumming
  • get it right, i'm not calling, not falling, too much ego
  • gonna see you inna ditch, drop my roach, mom says i smoke too much
  • heavy rolling, pop clutch, i'm going deep in the cut
  • what up, putting shots up, twelve on my trail, want da money for my bail
  • i got momentum unstoppable, furthering local motives, locomotive
  • working steadily, all my syllables deadly, beats keeping me heady, piano wire at the ready
  • netflix and chill, bae is all i need right now, happy life
  • forget the drama, no controversy today, all done with the strife
  • fine ass bitch gonna be my wife, let her win, cuz i be nice
  • pull my weight, grit thru all the bullshit, hard efforts always worth it
  • good trouble, always starting it, getting smarter by a little bit
  • recover my mind, curling up with my hoe's behind, steady grind
  • line by line, i'm keeping time, i'm on faith, walking in grace
  • made myself exit the race, indie five hunnid, jamla, i'm stuntin
  • bae so fine, i can help but be grunting, clan of the cave bear
  • knowledge so rare, fake ass gangstas never compare
  • on the sprint, running you hounds like a hare
  • yeah, when my bars hit, make my bitch legs split
  • hit this, fuck this, fuck you, i'm out here
  • rainbow in the sky when i spit, question my motivation, my hustle is legit
  • all my bullets land krit, sit back while i take this big hit, ready to die in orygun
  • real ass country shit, remix touches my lips, all these hoe's doing flips, all these butts i grip
  • lil momma at peace, playing on the floor with all the kids, babies so fly in they fresh new kicks
  • some dese people out here got me feeling indignant, let me show you my special kind of ignorant
  • go big or go home, only thing left is to conquer the throne, growl in my voice, hear the tone
  • bitch in bed, calling me over with a moan, kama sutra, lick it when she read
  • all this written in my blood, seen real loss in my 'hood, hope to be all good
  • all this rapping got me inna mood, better duck when i shoot
  • one bullet meant for my target, the rest for my escape, take revenge when i'm on a dip
  • empty clips, swerve in da whip, only car on the strip, bitch ass hoes tryna give me lip
  • demon tongue, good dental, love the ease on my mental, never know the lengths i went thru
  • whole novel in my profile, full of a thousand details, love notes for my favorite females
  • my unlearning is just beginning, i heard that gangstas got a thing about flowers
  • when my time comes and i'm climbing the highest steps of the treasure tower
  • i would like for you to plant a great field of flowers, future generations to empower
  • hear me now, my voice is getting louder, regain my health, never been prouder
  • victory laps in my new audi, bae at the wheel, we gettin rowdy
  • yeah, when my bars hit, make my bitch legs split
  • hit this, fuck this, fuck you, i'm out here


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  • Sleep is death's Siamese twin, they bind at the in-,
  • ner clock, but one of the times have an end
  • Not frightened of my demise, besides survival instinct
  • Since a tiny infant, breathing is its omen
  • From the moment, we're conceived, to the stroller
  • With some achieving the knolls, to grow older
  • 'Til we leave the threshold, and
  • They grieve, tell me if it's naive and polar-
  • izing for me to propose... That I don't believe in souls, 'cause
  • Yes there are nonbelievers in foxholes, Steve Bollman.
  • No more fear in me of Hell, I found peace within this realm
  • Knowing we're just the Universe, experiencing itself
  • From dust to dust a circ', I'll be turning 'round in the ground
  • If you shittin' on my works, then as a zombie I'll prowl
  • Or a tormenting ghost, to beset and etch into ya torso a note
  • Sounds, flamboyant to warn, in a cloak-and-dag' show
  • 'Cause the concept of an afterlife is a tall story in short
  • When we die, we'll exist the same way we did before we were born.
  • But reminiscence lived through
  • And not to mention, the genesis by parturition, discontinued
  • Where the cells that mix, fuse
  • After sex, when the sperm hits the egg, in Miss' womb
  • To give my views, on abortion; I know it's a messy issue
  • But calling it infanticide propagandizes it misconstrued
  • Compare a hospital ignited, a blistering NICU
  • With live babies, and a fridge of hardly fleshy tissue
  • Which would you, be saving?
  • Especially if during pregnancy there's a risk, to women who
  • Can't physically endure or give her strength to, and perilousness ensues;
  • The Grim Reaper sends a kiss to, both
  • What's the best resolute'? Especially if she's 16 and molested, shit's cruel
  • Especially via incest, manifest a cesspool
  • Or, what's the best resolute'?
  • But I get it, the empathy of a potential entity desisted, it's a messy issue
  • They're angels, and I mean this as a figurative symbol
  • But the religious will suggest that it's true
  • And for the fallen, I don't mean the sacrilegious devils
  • I mean the one's who commit seppuku, not exclusively self-sacrificial by ritual
  • Anyone who relinquishes their affliction, it's the religious who suggests too
  • That they're going to Hell, for going against "God's will," fuck you
  • And for the those who sham and make-believe their self-murdering...
  • If they have malicious intent, then it's disesteem they're deserving
  • If it's just for attention, a cry for help, I hope you're keenly discerning
  • That instead of reacting harshly, look past it and see that they're hurting.

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