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Write a rap about an abusive dad and his daughter, i got this idea from the song Daddy´s issues.

Max of 64 lines


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  • Hook:
  • Go ahead and cry, little girl
  • Nobody does it like you do
  • I know how much it matters to you
  • I know that you got daddy issues
  • And if you were my little girl
  • I'd do whatever I could do
  • I'd run away and hide with you
  • I know that you got daddy issues, and I do too
  • My Verse: Vocals
  • There was once a little girl who loved life, she was always feeling good
  • Then one day in November, her parents fought and shit went down
  • Her Momma got killed, now the little girl is crying where her momma stood
  • She used to smile till she throws up, now she only brings out the frown
  • Oh, Oh, Whoa, Whoa
  • Next day, after the mom´s funeral, her dad said aren´t you glad she´s gone
  • The little girl said no i´m really not, she was my world
  • The dad said you better say yes before i end up kicking you out at dawn
  • He also said i love you girl, you´re my only baby girl
  • Next day, The friend of the little girl went up to the dad and he said
  • Can´t you be a little less abusive? she´s only young
  • Her dad said who are you? anyways, school gotta be in her head
  • The friend said you´re abusing her, all that pressure in that lung
  • Her dad kept on saying she is under my management, not yours
  • Her Friend said you´re overwhelming my girl, with all those chores


  • My heart ain't safe cause other people just be them cold thief's
  • It's like they see them leaves
  • Just outside and tied
  • Beside my Dad who tried and lied
  • But I can't slide
  • And even in Japan
  • With a pan
  • I can't get away
  • And all I can do is pray, ok?
  • So just stay away
  • I can see the view
  • Onto the clue with no cue
  • But my thoughts be like astronauts
  • They like moths
  • Floating in space
  • As embrace the grace
  • And you be the disgrace
  • Just I in the fly
  • I think it's time to say goodbye

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