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Battle on May 23 2023


  • with a handful of beats, i shake down the streets
  • all these blind men at a loss complete
  • i'm elite, so discrete, put plans into action and no i never tweet
  • bit by bit, i'm shedding light on the covenant
  • the history that blood built
  • what is free will in stockholm
  • i must have the syndrome
  • the dark side of life really is a conundrum
  • the beautiful future is still to be
  • until then, it's all battle standard, steady killin the game oh so softly
  • all my insights be costly, and i'll never let someone boss me
  • my authority stands, i bow down to no man
  • drawing lines in the sand, i'm makin my plans
  • go hard on a bitch, workin them hips, makin everythin drip
  • no containin this script, it's somethin for the crypt
  • layin down the law with my visceral descriptions
  • blowin yo heads wide open, u gonna need a prescription
  • yea, i know all about addiction, mental affliction
  • it's fuckin stressful, traumatic and out of order, the system's in shortage
  • red tape and red numbers, fake accounts, false documents, false ledgers
  • now, pledge to be a good boy, here is your chew toy
  • blowing this herb out da sunroof, my windows iz bullet proof
  • mashin down on all this hip-hop medley, tryna be friendly
  • but it's rather sinister these days, seems hardly anyone prays
  • i could drop some hints, try to pass on some tips
  • so pardon me while i shout the worst villainy into the darkness of the abyss
  • my rage bursts out in so many ways, putting scars in everythin
  • my mom is my blessin, always try n make sure she not always stressin
  • puts me into a moment when i reflect on my aggression
  • feel all these vital issues be pressin, while i struggle to grasp the lesson
  • "In the blue school, class is in session
  • Ask us a question, 'cause class is in session"


  • They say you got potential, but I don't see the spark
  • You're just another wannabe, trying to make your markIn a game that's so ruthless, you think you have what it takes
  • But trust me youngster, you're making a mistake
  • You got no flow, no rhythm in your soul
  • I bet you can't even hit the high notes on the mic control
  • You think you're hot, but you're just lukewarm
  • You'll never reach the top of the game, where stars are born
  • You're grinding hard, but you're going nowhere fast
  • A one-hit wonder, that's all you'll ever last
  • Your lyrics lack depth, your beats are whack
  • You're just another rapper, hitting the same old tracks
  • You look up to the greats, but you'll never stand next to them
  • You'll be stuck in the middle, a nobody in the music scene
  • You ain't got the fire, the passion to succeed
  • So pack up your bags, leave the stage and concede
  • I know it's harsh, but it's the truth, my friend
  • You're not cut out for this, it's time to put it to an end
  • The rap game is tough, you gotta be tough to last
  • You can't just rely on luck, you gotta grind and hustle fast
  • But you don't have what it takes, you lack the talent and drive
  • You're not meant to be an artist, it's time to realize and survive
  • Find another passion, chase another dream
  • Cause making it to the top, in music, ain't as easy as it may seem
  • You'll never make it to the top, give up while it's still early
  • Music ain't your calling, find another path, surely
  • You'll never be a legend, just a mediocre artist
  • Quit while you're ahead, before you get the hardest.

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