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5 minute battle// write as much diss/freestyle as you can in under 5 minutes..

Max of 61 lines


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  • My main weapon became the pen,
  • Knew it was right after my killcount became ten,
  • now, im burnin leadin rappers down to an end,
  • I'm unstoppable a light with no limits to bend,
  • I'm always attacking you transparent when ya defend,
  • Now I'm all out for this win, my shots declare when to begin
  • And ima ask god for forgiveness commiting this sin,
  • After watchin me pull ya life cord with a sinister grin


  • (Verse One)
  • Heartbroken at the end of the world
  • Now my future's being burned
  • Im heartbroken maybe i shoulda kept my chest locked,
  • Now i come fast like an arrow to the heart
  • Most of you are heartbroken, stop the rapping, and start smoking
  • Dial up words but they're not in service
  • You spend days in your room to look perfect on the surface,
  • So i can make a difference, then make rappers feel nervous,
  • Penetratin' the game on its cervix is my service
  • As they juggle knives for a deadly purpose, entertaining service, recursive
  • I like alliterative verses, i like cussing and inovative curses
  • (Chorus)
  • Know give me a head start
  • Make a beat then break it apart
  • Don’t let betrayal break your pride
  • I hope she's goin' home with me tonight
  • Let's keep it g, nobody see you when you being humble
  • Break your mandible make it fractional maximal
  • Don't you worry, just keep movin boo
  • It hurts when you break your trust, sad and true
  • See what the future holds, see if you'll ever break my stride,
  • Cause you're not my wife, bitch you're a stand for this night
  • I'm gonna break it down for you here right now
  • Cause i run up in them and i make their cats meow
  • Swallow the cinnamon, i'mma scribble this sin and shit
  • And when you give a stranger your heart theyll probably break it,
  • The game ain't pretty but i'm reppin' for my city
  • can i break free? trapped in my sins, can i break free?

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