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  • run up on me i empty the clip
  • shis loaded wit them holotips
  • try me bitch get popped in yo lip
  • smokin this gas before i hit the strip
  • hit from the back make her walk like a crip
  • lets hit the mall imma go cop some drip
  • pourin up wok bitch i jus wanna sip
  • i got too faded now i crashed the whip
  • tha shi was stolen so imma js dip
  • i got these tabs now we is gon trip
  • i got a blicky tha shi gotta switch
  • hit him in the chest cuz tha boy was a snitch
  • poppin this x imma make my shi glitch
  • you actin childish hoe lelo an stitch
  • i gotta go cuz my ass gotta itch


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  • yo lil flex ill send u to the stairway to heaven,
  • dont be talkin abt hollow tips if u cant even spell it
  • and your rhyme-scheme doesnt make you lyrical and cool
  • cuz if you look at it is just a syllable, you fool
  • and youll hit her in the back until she walks like a cripple?
  • but after this track youll be talking like TIMMEEEHH!
  • dont talk about sips, because after taking a glass of water
  • youre more faded like alan walker
  • you a junkie like that heissenberg-guys friend, that is trying to find X
  • like the owners of a pirate treasure map
  • im acting childish? youre a big piece of shit
  • youll walk up to a kid and say "give me a kiss"
  • if you win this battle this battle is rigged,
  • rigged like a 3D-animated character
  • no, if you win this battle, this battle is a setup
  • a setup like keyboard mouse and monitor

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