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  • This is QueenB234Liberty
  • I'm half hood, half holy
  • which means you best pray with me
  • but if you play with me
  • I'll liberate and set ya free from the misery
  • just wait and see AK AK
  • fuck with me
  • I come in guns a blazin
  • believe me
  • I'm louder and prouder than the proud family
  • everyone know me
  • from here to over seas
  • I'm always up high
  • high as the clouds be
  • Shit cloud9 is where you'll find me
  • I ain't never coming down
  • fuck round and found
  • I like to fool around
  • cruise downtown
  • beat down with the clown
  • never frown
  • long as I'm round
  • Now please roll me another spliffy
  • let's get a lil stiffy
  • fuck it
  • give me a jefferey
  • got my anxiety running way from me
  • Shit might as well bust out the DMT!


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  • I can’t even say that I’m street, Cuz the geeks gonna think it’s cringe
  • Bitch, I’ll sell your mama pure fentanyl, but it’s extra for a syringe.
  • I feel like Death isn’t the end, that’s just when our legacy begins
  • Im always clutching a nine millimeter but my minds pain stays on ten.
  • Plus I’m halfway homeless, always staying with one of my friends
  • Betrayed by own kin, now I’m called the golden skin Ronin.
  • Lack of emotion, it hurts knowing that the future’s dystopian.
  • I threw up on the linoleum, reading and listening to Napoleon
  • I’m an Outlaw immortal, God King, anti gravity machine portal
  • The flow is primordial, I don’t know why my kind is so territorial
  • Fuck with my kind and you consequences will be terribly horrible
  • I’ll pull up to your door the next day like an Amazon prime order
  • Enemies Primmed for slaughter, then interview with a crime reporter
  • My minds numb, most of these rappers are Scientology dumb
  • Subconsciously my thoughts are focused on astronomy
  • Not Niggas rapping just like Eminem but with a lobotomy
  • I give myself props like a own a special effects shop
  • My Glock loves to play connect the dot
  • I got a plug but I make him collect from a Thot
  • You rappers using A.I and bots and still can’t get Hot?
  • I’m in Salems lot with coke sailing in the pot
  • In a spot where you’ll get killed in you failed to make a drop

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