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  • feds in my closet, narcs in my dreams
  • out here in this world, nothing is as it seems
  • caught the smell of profit, now all the mobsters want it
  • oohhhweeeee, dese gangstas tryna out gangsta me
  • move up, groove up, make these bitches love it
  • head hunts and battle blunts, know that i'm all for it
  • score a hunnid scores and put that shit up as a target
  • who cares if the general audience don't appreciate, i'm gonna flaunt it
  • smackin dese hoes asses and fuckin em like molasses
  • cream on cream on cream, on cream on cream. on cream. c.r.e.a.m.
  • online at age twelve perusing the shelves,
  • there's no end to the things that i've seen.
  • now i smoke weed by the pound
  • fuckin, i've been all around
  • gotta settle down and put these records into place
  • putting in work, yea, i gotta get down, get down to business
  • setting the verbal pace, i got verses in spades
  • keep running out of space to hang all my accolades.
  • steady mobbin on the beat
  • gangsta as shit out in these fuckin streets
  • all my soldiers be elite
  • poser bitches never could compete
  • that's why i'm back giving you body heat
  • spit so nasty, bars so neat
  • how many people got wins because they cheat?
  • run the marathon with me, never be beat
  • blocka blocka blocka
  • peace.


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  • //Starts on 0:07
  • ...
  • Stupidity, I'm hurt but dont pity me
  • Energy get inta me
  • Thirty opp tryna be killin me
  • hate beginnin to mirror me
  • Hellspawn creepin eerily
  • whispers aint hearin me
  • These drugs curing me --like
  • //
  • Producin raps ima correspondent
  • Reign this world my will is haunted
  • Not scared of the 9 they scared of my conscience
  • Cant get shot they outta options
  • I bring more pressure than a auction,
  • Mess with a badge, find there kids for adoption
  • What- Ima get more kills than auschwitz
  • Now thats a bet its a contest
  • Sell me a knife you part of the conquest
  • Ill dox a death for some content
  • The best never rest the war only constant
  • Got opps versace in my closet
  • Wiped they blood out in my faucet
  • Faces phased now they daunted
  • All the gore appreciated and never unwanted
  • My sanity was intact n along the way I lost it-
  • //
  • Stupidity, I'm hurt but dont pity me
  • Energy get inta me
  • Thirty opp tryna be killin me
  • F-B-I tryna riddle me
  • 𝔽ed 𝔹itches wit 𝕀nabilities
  • Stroke the gun keep me in stability But these drug needles drilling me -Ay

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