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Friendly...Diss battle... ::Demon::

Max of 20 lines


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  • Do your fans realize your still in diapers?
  • Al Cant find a word tryna be one of egypts cyphers
  • Caught in webs of a meister, ima write you off mo heated than a geyser
  • N punish you later so you regret not being nicer
  • ay
  • C minus, bitch my verse lowers your grade
  • this shits more full of it than a new york parade,
  • The celestials chose you, for lab day on fetus brain,
  • Call my lyricals bustin the myths I got shit to explain
  • I recall you announced pledging insane,
  • My lawyer ell use that for my main defensive claim
  • I wont win the case cuz yo bitch know my name
  • she feeds on my rock, and im not even dwayne
  • Sorry to upset you, I'm playin my game
  • It just ended up you became ash to the flame,
  • I pull more wins, than pounds on a crane
  • Unleashing these hot drops they bound from a plane
  • This aint no battle its stat value to claim,
  • Multiplyin ya rhymes in strength, C - Times orangutang


  • I said I pull up, got your girl in my Cadillac
  • Just like my songs dont trust me, you'll get stabbed in the back
  • But I'm the one stabbing, you know I'm on attack
  • I can't keep it real cuz this guy is so whack
  • Bitch I wouldn't come near me, I'm starting my knife fighting
  • CONCEPT can go fuck himself if he wants me stopping
  • Heartbroken and fake shit doesn't matter in my songs
  • When you're not even Worth It, I see how your parents got wrong
  • You drink to much beer, cuz now you're seeing double
  • I would call you surface level, but your more rubble
  • Fuck basic lines, who needs to be as complex as KAZZ
  • When comparing me and him, he needs a smack on his ass
  • I'm running the ship like a hip hopper
  • No Uno could swap harder
  • I'm finishing you off like youre getting discarded
  • I just stole this dub like a fucking tiktoker!

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