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Max of 28 lines


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  • //0:13
  • Better call me a lyrical entity, all this shit sent to me,
  • Ain't meant to be, you aren't centered to me,
  • surround sound, boutta get drowned out, now you acting like you
  • got the sound now, run it back, push it back, punch you in the ground
  • now, spittin' facts, pushin' that, rippin' pack, weapon stash
  • in the background, shootin' back, with the mac, blood on the ground now,
  • wanna get loud now, speakers on surround sound,
  • ears boutta get added to the head count, feelin' dread,
  • flowin' sweat going widespread, shot yo head, end up dead,
  • take your second step, with the knife to ya neck, strive to the
  • end, get spread shot, way too dependent, what chances?,
  • already lent it.
  • //0:37
  • Can't get close to me, you not supposed to be,
  • god, what is this shit you bestow to me, clean it up with a mac,
  • nothin' in the stack, body count as high as racks, coming at me
  • with no shit talk, is a pussy, surely you'll get out shortly, you
  • pounced, but not worthy, end of ya journey, stressed cause
  • im boutta kill ya, no mercy, bloodthirsty, words cursed me,
  • can't see me at my works, probably not coming up first,
  • until someone immersed, one of the worst, one of the first,
  • get shot, til your dispersed, lets hit it reversed, can't control
  • my thirst.
  • //1:14 end


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  • tryna pull my head out the sewer
  • working, planning, coming up with some new shit
  • something y'all ain't ever heard yet
  • album on repeat in the rocket-ship
  • sitting at the console, looking for all the hidden features
  • long voyage into the outer reaches
  • chilling on all these very, very distant beaches
  • hella alien bitches fosho, green, blue and purple
  • yea, u know
  • no way to guess which way i'll go
  • circling saturn, wearing champion's rings
  • another day of life, doing my gangsta thing
  • uh, yea
  • pulling myself together, gotta be fit for battle
  • ready to defeat another night of long shadows
  • mind playing tricks on me
  • gotta be quiet to hear the crickets, see
  • cuz traffic is always thundering in the streets
  • big engines revving, twenty-four seven
  • lift the pen, put some words here
  • proof of human presence, working in the present tense
  • feeling like valence electrons in chemical bonds
  • charging around all these different energy types
  • camera, action, lights
  • bringing all the emotions into life
  • now do it, ready to put my heart to the knife

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