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  • i live in two worlds
  • water and oil
  • child soldiers, sex trafficking and broken borders
  • military contractors in ivory towers
  • yea, reality keeps fucking with me
  • forgot to keep believing in law and order
  • how da fuck am i gonna remain calm and carry on?
  • need like a hunnid bitches who want my riches
  • weed so fine, inspires me to pen this line
  • round and round in my bentley
  • floatin on clouds in some savage fenty
  • feeling upscale with my ghetto businesses
  • run the marathon
  • know the importance of how important mental fitness is
  • pray for my people resting with the daisies
  • no question how high my aims be
  • think it over


  • Ex-convict but still behind them bars
  • You pull up in parking lots
  • My bars are a fluent fit / a confusing mix exiting my spewing lips
  • Somalia women ethiopian queens never could tell the difference
  • Watching for hollow-tip shots
  • But i got so many bars
  • Pastries,i am mentally scarred a psycho stuck in these bars
  • Creep with me through that immortal flow thug passion got you trembling
  • like death on row
  • So play this shit while you contemplate, contemplate, contemplate
  • My bars will make your chest inflate
  • When bret hart meet brett farve
  • And your readin my bars
  • On, thanksgiving we thankful, just for livin in helldamn homey, i don't mean to be harsh
  • With reality defeating n leaving scars i feel trapped like im behind bars
  • His menace's confined in these stiff toughest #bars
  • A fuck that we will never give is like our pops
  • Bars coming nice and fast
  • Real g when im spitting bars
  • Yall only in it for the cars
  • Been in it from the start , mad bars

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