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5 minute battle / Write as much freestyle/diss as you can in under 5 minutes

Max of 64 lines


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  • Look at this
  • another predictable victim,
  • I'm beyond the lines its fiction
  • killin rappers doused on addiction
  • afar from the sky dont fuck wit friction
  • high with the competition,
  • i got 20k on this mission
  • state your prayers threw admission
  • stuck between this glocks ignition
  • on the floor impaired vision
  • Goin to hell, you aint christian
  • This worst of your decisions,
  • Endin low rappers at my pens precision


  • five minutes
  • five minutes is all i got
  • so i'ma keep this shit popping off
  • get at me, bruh
  • it's the marathon and i'm already on the run
  • bitches and weed
  • that's all that i'm into
  • get at me, just say it flatly
  • we all in the ghetto
  • sometimes that shit is heavy metal
  • robbing this game of its sanity
  • fucking, hit a lick with all my profanity
  • speaking so animated
  • got a name badge, get that shit all laminated
  • maybe u think i'm too slow on my bars
  • spreading em like butter
  • one shot, camera shutter
  • years of pain to exclaim
  • so with my queen bitch, i will stand and reign
  • teach u about the lies
  • fucking kill that time

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