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  • i weep
  • soul searching
  • all these hours working
  • ruminating on everything
  • i would go back to do it over again
  • this scar on my name
  • yea, i have to wear it all the same
  • never forget how bad things became
  • yea, i've been down
  • wearing shackles and chains
  • believing i need all the restraints
  • i guess that's the past
  • today i won't complain, any more than usual,
  • never want things to be so cruel
  • do my best to follow the rules
  • my rebellious heart wants to live in the cool
  • my sadness burns anew everyday
  • too many relationships lost
  • all the times i've misspoken
  • all the trust i've broken
  • life, my infernal creation
  • walking the wrong path, going straight into the flames,
  • fate of the faithless, the opposite of greatness,
  • more than heavy, a lead weight to the weightless
  • regret eating at my innards
  • errant student using his knowledge as a blunt instrument
  • the worst kind of onerous
  • no honor in this
  • hard to spend time not feeling worthless
  • karmic bondage
  • debts way over my head
  • records that better be left unsaid
  • greedy bastard inside my head
  • wants to take it all and then just lie in bed
  • full stop.
  • try to open on a note of hope
  • like, we've come so far,
  • just one more step
  • and we can go anywhere from here
  • banish the darkness, banish the fear,
  • even if i remain alone for years
  • it's okay, i need to continue counting my tears,
  • and let my wounds heal
  • cuz no matter how long it takes
  • it's at the hands of mercy that i kneel
  • and the stakes are very, very real.
  • into the hands of others i have leapt
  • there's only going forward from now
  • i know things really haven't been going so well
  • but i pray, do tell
  • how does this story end?
  • all i know is that the future awaits
  • and if i'm not already too late
  • i would really like to go out on that first date
  • no pressure
  • just chill
  • let me know about what you're into
  • i like to listen and respond,
  • create an opportunity for calm
  • allow the bond to build
  • i promise to do my best to be honest and loyal
  • making our way along love's trail


  • put a gold chain on my neck, ima turn into the richest man in Rome
  • roaming around the Colosseum before my big fight, get my hair right with a comb
  • a fan threw her bra at me but you know I work alone
  • stars be grouping together,but the reds dont play in a dome
  • on my way back home to stay hi to the family, but they ate all the craw fish
  • flew the in laws to New Orleans, just so i could get some
  • then I would be banging their daughter, it was a slaughter
  • my girl be British so when we done fucking, she gonna become a mum
  • i know we just met at the met-gala, you was trying to fit in
  • you was in your Gucci slides and I just grabbed shit from the good will bin
  • now i thought that the party was going to long, may have to pull the plug and say fin
  • but scratch that, when they began to play my music, I wasn't bout to commit a sin
  • defenders be breaking their ankles over a damn ball
  • when I get mad I pull out the blicky and stand tall
  • its a curtain call for y'all bitches (nah)
  • cause y'all roman reign bouta fall
  • got a Latina in forbidden pants, i think i might need a booty call
  • now I know for fact you be capping in everyone one of your raps
  • pull up the spread sheet, with all of the numbers, you know I only spit facts
  • fuck a girl from Halifax. no breasts but a big ass
  • my stamina better then a 2k mp, and you know I got the stats

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