Battles  -N0tWorthIt- vs LIL50thegoat


Freestyle about rappad.. use a beat, i have 27 lines, get creative with it talk about its status people and whatever yeah goodluck

Max of 30 lines


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  • starts on :21 (sorry)
  • I got shit to do but,
  • guess my mind cant be stopped
  • This site boring now all those fat labels dropped,
  • every so often id see-em on the radar the dots redn popped
  • Where these guys been? offed by the cops?
  • all the drama gone this shit hard to talk
  • cassidys back theres a domino to knock
  • boring battles.. deceased to the clock
  • new rappers diseases but latched and locked
  • parasitical dim lights and fraud mocks
  • this shit more deep than a reef or morbid chalks
  • will this lyrical even catch flame?
  • calling you bums step into the frame,
  • or is I beyond the shot of the aim
  • describe the events im waitin for a game
  • These bars bent in hell they prosper- flow like a drain
  • n these heads should be claimed
  • but no screws made wit no brain
  • Killin a 2 rep bitch i have nuthin to gain
  • votes to be placed el be lower than a grain
  • this site dying it always choked to sustain
  • n amir set the cashtag to the price of a plane
  • 20 lines fine im frying my brain
  • boiling a rhytm writing to NotWorthits reign
  • always maken moves impossible to retain
  • yeah


  • I Know niggas ain't with the shit Muwop done spilt his shit ( fuck FBG Duck)
  • O' Block yea that's my shit ( whatchu claim) you actin gangsta until we pop
  • up in salt lake city you got a bounty on yo head ima get it
  • i make half a million but i feel like a billion youngins out here killing try get it
  • ( 4KTREY) What we ain't never heard of yall glock 23 compact yea it stay with me
  • ain't never get caught lackin i used to take it to school ( like 50 you a fool)
  • like a mechanic i stay with a tool i lost my nigga jaydo but im still getting these
  • peso's we dgaf we he or she said we pullin up with those draco's ( Faaa faaa
  • faaa) to his neck now that's a case close i be chasin paper not chasin hoe's
  • we can do a feature together and check out my new album @ lil 50 youtube

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