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Battle on February 24 2023


  • People straight sockin em' mockin em'
  • all of his guts homie probably just coughing em'
  • breakin em' make em' go thru the fire & pain
  • they called him a liar & called em' insane &
  • when they pass by him they just deny him
  • Flipped em' Whipped em' & Kicked em'
  • like another Victim of this crooked system
  • Jews & Kings homie they try convict em'
  • So they made him go thru the Bloody Bodies getting Cold but the crowd don't care
  • when they C the bloody flesh in thee air
  • cuz they all scared all they do iz stare
  • Now visualize homie like if u was there!!!


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  • I guarantee you Smokin on crack
  • The way you thought you could rap
  • I bend your momma’s back all the way
  • And I ain’t even black
  • I eatin her up like she a snack
  • I promise you tonight I’ll be back
  • Bro think he got all the bitches
  • Even though back home he forgot to do the dishes
  • His girl left him for me
  • But bro don’t worry
  • In the world, there are many fishes
  • But bro I’m sorry even Aladdin's genie can’t fulfill your wishes
  • Some days he just wishes he could die
  • But not gonna cap that wish should come true
  • His bars are so whack that he can't even rap
  • His bars are so whack that he can't even tap
  • His bars are so whack that he can't even clap
  • But he thinks his bars are good but they're the worst
  • Forget about your rapping skills you can't rap if you tried
  • I wasn't looking for a rematch but you just made it
  • So give your boyfriend a kiss and go make out with him
  • I pull bitches and that's no cap
  • You be pulling niggas and you be fucking and sucking
  • You like to suck dick and you said daddy
  • You got
  • Got done suckin OneS0n's dick
  • You're just a faggot who can't even rap
  • Faggots can't fight
  • Faggots can't write
  • Some faggots aren't bright
  • You think you can rap but your bars are the worst and
  • I always pull bitches and you pull niggas.

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