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  • Verse 1
  • From the moment I took my first breath,
  • The eyes of the law have been watching me to death
  • They see my skin like a target on my back,
  • Cuz of the way that I look they won't ever cut me slack
  • Chorus
  • It's a heavy weight that I'm bearing,
  • That I'm forced to carry everyday
  • To worry about the lives of brothers and sisters,
  • Bein' taken away!
  • Verse 2
  • It's too late for talkin', no more empty promises
  • Puttin' justice in the hands of power and politics
  • We won't stand for this discrimination, we'll fight with one voice
  • Until we're given the rights that we deserve
  • Chorus
  • It's a heavy weight that I'm bearing,
  • That I'm forced to carry everyday
  • To worry about the lives of brothers and sisters,
  • Bein taking away
  • Verse 1
  • Like a thief in the night, the cops swarm in
  • Fear and rage in the eyes of my kin
  • Fists clenched tight, their faces so grim
  • I wish there was something I could have done to prevent this again
  • Chorus
  • We’re out here in the line of fire
  • Fighting for justice, we won't tire
  • We won't surrender, we won't retire
  • Our voices ringing out in the night like a choir
  • Verse 2
  • Too long have we been ignored, denied and trampled on
  • We rise up and fight for our rights, will we ever be gone?
  • Our pain has been denied and our stories untold
  • But still here we stand, our spirits are bold
  • Bridge
  • So many wrongs that need to be righted
  • So many stories that need to be heard
  • Let’s raise our voices and stand together
  • Verse 1
  • We are a people in despair, living in this broken world
  • The injustice is everywhere, can't no one hear us call?
  • Our lives are taken for granted, our rights denied for so long
  • We're screaming but no one's listening, our voices just go unheard
  • Chorus
  • We are the ones who are fighting, we are the ones who won’t back down
  • We are the ones who will stand up, and raise our voices proud
  • And when we look to the sky, we can see a better day
  • We won't turn our backs on justice, time to fight for what is right away
  • Verse 2
  • It's time to take a stand and make our voices heard
  • The time is now to speak out against these hateful words
  • Our brothers and sisters are suffering, this is a battle to be won
  • We must unite and fight together, until justice is done


  • No lean or percocets can compare to the rhymes that we ingest
  • if you're trying to be a killer you'd better put that thing to rest
  • Never been with an Ayesha guess I got a few kinks to test
  • I proceed with a suspicion when I read "bring your best"
  • If you're underage, I want no parts of the CIA, so see ya eyy
  • If I had to choose you, screw you nowadays I rather be a gay
  • This dimepiece ain't right asking for sixty four lines
  • But Ima keep hitting and put this bitch on morphine
  • Or morpheen, bitch I was doing a rhyme scheme
  • You must smoke green if this shit wasn't foreseen
  • Blind battle? I'll leave your mind rattled
  • Your brain fold's flat surface mine's like a pineapple's
  • On ya profile picture I see 2 dudes
  • Talking about a beautiful man, cool, so who's fucking you?
  • I got so many questions
  • You aint cold blooded, you're just a Fairy Penguin
  • Lil ayesha aint a challenge, i got the greater fandom
  • I'm unbalanced, they better nerf me in the next patch bro
  • "He's all yours" so entitled, this chick must be alt-right
  • After I blow this shit up, you'll be all mine
  • Still processing your profile picture, is that a porn depiction
  • I commit a triple murder when I smoke that threesome

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