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  • Despite the threats i have no regrets
  • Cause ain't scared of death
  • Just don't wanna tell him my address
  • The reason im called lil x
  • Is cuz when i fuck them bitches
  • I let God be my witness
  • Then i ask for forgiveness
  • The girl a princess always trynna impress
  • In bed she finesse
  • But im still the guy you admire
  • I gat no plans to retire
  • You breath while i respire
  • We bloodsuckers no vampires
  • Cuz all spit is gunfire
  • .......
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  • Listen cuz
  • I'm out here like Phineas & Ferb
  • You want the merch?
  • Well, you bout to end up like Dr. Doofenshmirtz
  • Listen, I'm a good guy
  • Grew up in the hood, right
  • Where you fight when should fight
  • But shouldn't fight here cause you ain't good, ight?
  • You know, If I had BS censor
  • It would be censoring you out
  • Tryna fight me
  • Trust me I got venomous words to spew out
  • The result will be unsightly
  • Youre expired trash and you need to be threw out
  • Cause you challenged me Not so brightly
  • You KO'D. One Two, You out.
  • Good Night See

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