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The challenger was disqualified. No rules. And I meant what I said faggot.

Max of 30 lines


Reven won this battle!


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  • All you rap about is drugs, how to be thugs, living it up in night clubs
  • As if that's what life was, buzz after buzz, you need to wake up and experience hugs!
  • And get some serious love in your soul and take control of your life and the actions you choose!
  • Because you're on your own, Jack!
  • None of your fans will lend you a hand the day that you're meeting Joe Black!
  • That's why we hope that you repent and ask God to forgive you and give you the Holy Ghost zap!
  • Because what good is a dope track if at the end of the day you're still a slave and can't get your soul back?
  • At least you know that, it's the meaningless lyrics in your songs that really makes your flow whack!
  • And it's stuff to joke at, when instead of trying to save souls you boast about how you sold crack!
  • And here's a cold fact! You'll be judged for every word that comes from your mouth on the microphone spat!
  • If all you spoke's crap, there in your rap, it'll only come down to the fact you chose that!
  • Your bars are so whack that you don't even know what you saying when I rap
  • I don't mix up my words when I rap because people always keep hating I'll make you
  • Go to sleep and I'll also make you go sweep because you're just a little kid I don't have and
  • I'll make you tap
  • I'll make you nap
  • I'll make you crap
  • You can't be talking because you suck
  • All these people they hating but you gonna say that I suck
  • Have you looked at your grades? They're really bad
  • You had all Fs on your report card
  • Take some notes I'll teach you how to get A B honor role
  • I made honor role 3 times but make that 4
  • Reven you so stupid and you can't even count
  • Your bars are whack and you can't even diss me


  • It's a Mystery why you think you can battle me and win
  • I'll leave you with X eyes, you can't take the heat I'm spittin'
  • If you try and diss me, you can bet that I'll be spinnin'
  • I'ma spin up on your block and let my glockie get to rippin'
  • You're a pussy and a fag, you suck ass, quit with the raps
  • Only time that you feel happy is when gay guys give you daps
  • Hey props dude, you're the worst artist on this whole site
  • But you reply to all my comments like you're gonna win a prize
  • Pussyboy keep talkin' out yo neck, you're gonna waste your life
  • Honestly kid, when you lose this shit it won't even be a surprise
  • I lay tracks down like I was workin' with them railroads
  • Strapped up, standing on my own ten toes
  • Pussy keep on talkin' crazy in the most retarded ways
  • Tell me, how the fuck you gay but still gon' talk about a bae?
  • You'll get chin checked for all crazy talk you doin'
  • If you said some shit irl, you bet we get to shootin'
  • In real life bitch you're probably a fucking pussy
  • Begging men for milk as if they gave a mouse a cookie
  • You like guys, you just wanna suck on more dick
  • You met a new guy and asked the color of the tip
  • Your faggot ass only wants to take more dick
  • You suck it so hard it puts dents right up in ya lips
  • You like penis, you like men, you suck dick like a fuckin' vape pen
  • 24/7 dick is all that's on your mind
  • You like dick so much that you want it in your spine, faggot

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