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  • im am the killer
  • the driller
  • the one with the mac
  • the jackson and the thriller
  • niggas come up to me they sayin killer
  • i am the plug and dealer
  • you' a molester
  • you try to feel her
  • i pull the tac
  • you ain't comin back
  • im spittin faxt
  • i got what u lack
  • money
  • finess
  • im sellin that crack
  • blowin this shit up like im from iraq
  • runnin this shit like im on a damn track
  • you a computer
  • you bout to get hacked
  • takin yo whip
  • yo ass gettin jacked


  • Yeah, I got many dreams, lot of passions
  • I'ma get there by any means, just imagine
  • Just know that anything can happen
  • Take chances, put everything in rapping
  • I don't even really need to go fast
  • Flow back, not wandering like a nomad
  • So glad, yeah, they all melt like a snowman
  • Back-to-back flames got Drake sayin', "Oh, man"
  • Not again, got a lotta friends who wanna end
  • All my shit, unsubscribe like I'm On Demand
  • I've been living in a moment, got a lot of fans
  • Pedophile back at it again with the white vans
  • Can't lie, man, I got a lot of white fans
  • Could I get a ultralight beam, maybe by chance?
  • Every day I've been switching up on my stance
  • Scare everyone away whenever I dance
  • People in the comments saying that I can't rap
  • Okay, 'cause I didn't understand that
  • Fuck you, man, I think it's time to stand back
  • You'll be sittin', gettin' in the way like a sandbag
  • If you want to talk trash, say it to my face
  • I'll be singin', "La-la", I got two LA's-
  • I be laughin', "Haha" at the human race
  • Hey, I'm in the lead, not far from a newer place
  • gettin' sick and sicker
  • The flow on the track gettin' quicker and quicker
  • Shiver me timbers, I'm winnin' these bigger
  • Killer victor, not swipin' left like it's Tinder
  • They filter my picture, put it in bad light-
  • Uh, me playin' these rappers is a bad fight
  • Ayy, me spittin' these bars, that's a mad sight
  • Haters be changin' their opinions, is that right?
  • Ayy, ayy, ayy

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