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  • now look
  • It's been 12 years of the same shit
  • know this shit doesn't sound legit so I can't take all the credit
  • fucker wants to go to court cause he's desparate
  • sayin I cause all their fights
  • well you know what, I might as well slit my throat with his own knives
  • maybe in his eyes I'll save two or four lives
  • bring me to the court room I'll smile to his face
  • rip his memory out of my head till he's erased from my family
  • leaving us at night to smoke weed
  • when you're children are in need of your guidance
  • while I'm always stuck in the silence
  • I can't take it
  • That's why I'm always separate
  • so fan my flames till I blow
  • might as well throw all your shit out the fucking window
  • I'm the man of the house now
  • Saying my mom rejects our pets and that she fucked up my life
  • fuck you bitch
  • I want to just beat you and leave in a ditch
  • Brothers and Sisters
  • I will always be there for you
  • no matter what he says, just know that


  • See are momma didn't care for us
  • Cus she had an addiction
  • Are dad didn't care for us
  • Cus he had an addiction
  • Dirty diapers, No food in the cupboards
  • The only memory I have from them
  • Is when my brother and I were playing outside
  • Started to rain
  • BOOM
  • lightning and thunder
  • Ran to the house to get away from the thunder
  • Thing is the door was locked, So we knocked and we knocked
  • But they never came, We just sat there in the rain
  • A year later we get adopted
  • You would think that would be what we wanted
  • But couple years later the yelling began
  • At this time my brother to me, was superman
  • But the yelling and the beating, And everybody sayin I couldn't do anything
  • Worthless that's how I was feeling
  • Developed food anxiety
  • Stealing food from the kitchen but never eating it
  • One year later the person I saw as superman
  • Turned out to be a terrible person
  • Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse
  • All of that went on for about four years cus I didn't know what to do
  • After them four years I finally told somebody
  • But damn that Bitch didn't even say I'm sorry
  • Now I'm in high school
  • Thats when I really broke a lot of them rules

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