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  • Tripping P
  • These shits trynna trigger me with their trickery
  • Boutta send up a delivery now here’s the package
  • How can I be the young prodigy and the young savage
  • I’m not done until they stop calling me average
  • Talking to 3 hoes at one don’t know how to manage
  • All these kids coming out acting like they brave
  • Till I come battle you, take you out and shit on your grave
  • Suck on my dick I ain’t showing no emotion
  • Call up the boys tell ‘em to set the plan into motion
  • Chain icier then the Arctic, yeah still counting bills
  • Got a real bad bitch when I’m chilling in the hills
  • Got nothing to please you so you keep your fingers down your pants
  • Fucked a real big bitch last night she go good with no hands
  • Boutta take your ass back to school, I’m the fucking principal
  • I was blowing up, your shit is invisible
  • Like a zit on your face, I popped off
  • You’re the opposite of a boner, you make my dock soft
  • Now give me your best, because that shit is my worst
  • Pulled up on your ex bitch, I know that hurts
  • I spit one bar and look your face red, ready to burst
  • Someone get this motherfucker water he’s dying of thirst


  • Monday through monday we cashing cheques
  • Lookin' for dangerously hot bitches and safe sex.
  • My brother got knocked up now they put him in cells
  • Trynna tipie toe to progress, salsa all day through this project
  • I don't wanna comment it's bad breath
  • Cuz all nite all she wan' do is 'undress, buh i don't wanna see no scarred breast
  • my love life bruh? Its complex, buh i handle it well notless
  • I work hard so i pull up in a white benz, all flashy looking like mike epps
  • Watch out for me imma rare gem....
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