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  • VA ina tournament ima turn it into d day
  • Whatchu gotta say? Coming at me this bitch better pray
  • Because the last mtoha fucka to say my name ended up in a ball of flames
  • This is not a game you need to realize we ain't the same
  • Weak ass rhymes ain't gonna give you a name coming at me ruining your career finally a shame
  • Thinking you can beat me damn that's something you dream
  • If it was a 2v2 you begging me to be on yo team
  • texted me saying damn I gotta go up against you
  • Thinking in yo mind what the fuck am I gonna do
  • Writing words but you ain't gotta clue
  • Spitting bars that came out be be not true
  • Now I gotta spit a few just to get me through
  • Bitchin on Rappad get a fucking tissue
  • Tired of this shit lemme give you a view
  • You new to a site scared rappers are gonna bite mouth is fizzling like sprite
  • Scared to be alone at night I don't blame you all of your losses brought you fright
  • Now it's kill on sight this fucking tournament is Turning into a fight
  • Burn the fuse ignite and I know you think he's a creep jus bc my bars hit a little to deep
  • When you see me you ain't getting no sleep bc I'm colder than the snow that is to deep
  • Now you gonna end up dead bur not no lil peep so keep it a buck cause your a clean sweep
  • I know what you reap so keep yo eyes open while you sleep I walk by I'll knock ya off yo feet


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  • (vacant's back) YEAH
  • me and the demons make a tight pair
  • yeah they never play fair
  • but we always care
  • got all this drip never know what to wear
  • broken heart yea needs repair
  • drowning in my insecurities
  • got to guard my heart like security
  • never assuring me
  • always luring me
  • all these obscurities DROWNING MEEEEEEEEE
  • Demons never care
  • they never play fair
  • nightmares yeah night terrors
  • something in me is a slight error
  • I was never a successor
  • I'm not golden I was never the treasure
  • ill fight all these demons its whatever
  • call the ambulance
  • all these mfs going need a stretcher
  • all these demons tryna be my new possessor
  • tell the demons watch out
  • I'm hunting with my new suppressor

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