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Saint_Aspect’s tournament. Final round. Due by March 25. Max of 64 lines.

Max of 64 lines


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  • A fat old pedo fart please note, it’s none other than Pablo Escobar, we know.
  • On a rooftop in the Los Olivos barrio shots unload and his top’s been blown.
  • Arder en el infierno Pablo adios. Maybe your old fat ass should have practiced some cardio.
  • A man in a self made prison can never escape no matter how far he goes.
  • What’s up with rap culture and this disgraced shame? Devil metal music is bad, but this actual devils told it spits straight flames?
  • Someone give this jerk off a shake weight. Sort of surprised you ain’t name yaself after Andrew Tate, snake.
  • Cocaine bears? Cocaine hippos? The world in an insane place. Please, I hope you bitches get the cocaine shakes.
  • Since nineteen ninety five Nas idolized the name sake. Yet the fans missed the street poet who ain’t fake.
  • Shit even 2 Chainz flaked- the Escobar family sued had him change two of his restaurant chains names.
  • Catch Wiz Khalifa next week at Da Furors tomb puffing a grave jay. A peaceful hippy idiot catching insane hate.
  • Even they straight sick of the lame brain shit. How y’all gonna maintain?
  • Real gangsters don’t name names. Real gangsters go make names.
  • I’m cracking your skull with these bars just to keep the imagery impactful.
  • I bet this bitch wished he’d hid from this diss… dang shame he ain’t Chapo.
  • Just a crack ho going wacko and this fool damn certain gonna act so.
  • Atheist dress Escobarzz up for church- Columbian necktie with an Exacto and that’s just defacto.
  • It’s like Jay Z disrespecting Nas.
  • This is AC versus Escobarzz.
  • Ego inflating his heads getting large.
  • Is he lazy or just rejecting art?
  • It’s like Jay Z disrespecting Nas.
  • This is AC versus Escobarzz.
  • Bringing insane heat rip led vests apart.
  • Bullets spraying now his heads in shards.
  • He really call himself Escobarzz? I don’t know man I detect no bars.
  • Until I hear a demo start you get no stars. I don’t care if the rejection scars.
  • If you type a comment expect no hearts. In my book you still ain’t check no marks.
  • This is when I hope reflection starts. Does your passion reflect yo art?
  • Typing rhymes be fine, G, just not what most might seek. Someone pass him a mic please.
  • You be the coyote Wiley I’ll be just how I be running these roads with all y’all behind me.
  • I don’t mind to remind ya bunch of slimy vaginas I am the type to go psycho and slice ya.
  • Y’all know I’m the Nihilist Messiah here to reveal your idols are liars.
  • Outlaws, leaders, cycles of tyrants. First learned to read? I set a Bible on fire.
  • I know you just got into tryna write some rhymes up, but I think it’s time to retire.
  • Ya took out Mav in a rage snapping to say he wasn’t acting his age; he should be after the pay.
  • Well I’m not in this for cash or some fame, wouldn’t be on fucking rap pad if that was the case.
  • I’m here just passing the day, laughing away, trashing the fake, putting facts to your faith.
  • You want machismo bitch take a smack to the face and put a fucking snack on my plate.
  • He never had a father figure so he watches Coco Diaz.
  • Can’t live on your feet so die on your knees like I broke both kneecaps.
  • It’s like Jay Z disrespecting Nas.
  • This is AC versus Escobarzz.
  • Ego inflating his heads getting large.
  • Is he lazy or just rejecting art?
  • It’s like Jay Z disrespecting Nas.
  • This is AC versus Escobarzz.
  • Bringing insane heat rip led vests apart.
  • Bullets spraying now his heads in shards.
  • Let the dead rest wanna be Mendellin you ain’t pay proper respects ya fiend.
  • You ain’t the first to take that name then stop and regret it, please, this is the rawest shit you ever seen I am dropping dead all enemies.
  • This like what Tony did to Hectar the Toad. Classic stories never get old.
  • This isn’t rap this is life- better the Devil we know than the Devil we don’t.
  • Rap is filling to the cap with gimmicks, poets for profit, not prophets, they just cash in limericks.
  • All bad intentions, mad inventions, tragic endings just for cash to spend quick.
  • Fake gangsters who never had to live it yet tell the world that’s the path to win it.
  • I stay true to I, forever, past and present. The truth isn’t popular I’m still glad to spit it.
  • Y’all can dick ride and simp high for quick rhymes with nigh a message in sight.
  • Not well enough equipped minds. When Atheist calling all ya soul-less you know it’s right.
  • Young buck rolls up and gets the red carpet. Now I’m pulling it up and robbing it just to hide his bled carcass.
  • Nah for real though when I first went on this peace was a dead option it felt like I was wearing a red target.
  • Most mufuckers was judging without listening. Bunch of bitch ass Karen’s squawking.
  • Half of rappad would still cancel me if they could dead honest. The same type who bitch about cancel culture and sped pop shit.
  • Fuck em. The real are still there getting them props in. More show up everyday it’s like gang stalking how yall get to following.
  • Yes it’s astonishing even Escobarzz when and followed him. He said sixty four bars was too much I said I been ready for all of this.


  • Yo I ain't no Catholic, Athiest or Baptist...Lable me a temperamental telepathic
  • Fixing to telegraph this, Visual voice leaving no choice but to listen
  • I make everyday like Suday..Got these kids worshiping my writtens
  • Sacrifice Atheist Christ, I got the Cross ready for the lyncing
  • Pablo like a Morman on a mountain bike on a mission
  • Recondiotion this rookies reputation, You after school rhymes leave me board like detention
  • After assessing your sessions I'm sure you got tensions
  • Stuck in a bracket but fell out of contention ...not to mention
  • You run game if you were pushing concessions,
  • This cracker Jack's no prize hes peanuts for the peasants
  • My presence a present for the people, You and me are not equal
  • I stab more tracks then a Scream sequels...This aint wack a mole it's whack a weasel
  • I'm an artist at the easel go ahead admit it...Paint pictures with my rhymes
  • Place um up in minds on exhibit, This aint a battle its a exhibition
  • Thunder Lips vs Rocky...My mouth piece its moxie
  • This faggot wrestles with lines start to finish ...I'll smack you cock eyed like Popeye Fuck spinach
  • This here's an ECW (easy w) I want every judge to see this,...Athiest aint Raw.
  • Pablos putting the Smack down on this Diva..Aint no saving grace for this non believer
  • Eager beaver over achiever!!! 64 Bars in 4 days...what a joke..
  • Ish an Saint gonna have to go half on a 8 ball of coke, To stay woke
  • 2 verses with 2 hooks good for nothing but a laugh His Written battles are just as corny as his tracks
  • Consider this a learning curve...Cause I unnerv when I serve to sedate
  • Take your mental mind and penitraiot, Quicker then a cheap date..Sipping on some Cisco
  • Pablo a Hip Hop Hypno...Tists...Get your head twisted like The Excercist
  • Atheist couldn't exit this with the help of a Oh Heavenly Father..Pablos 100 proof if you dilute with Holy Water...
  • I don't give a fuck if you was dicking the Devils daughter
  • An he came home early, Kicked down the door an caught ya...Skeetin on his new red satin sheets
  • An caught the heat from from hell..It still fails to the heat I brought when I brand you with this L
  • Im dangerous when I put this pen to pages..'m no Athiest, That I'm not ashamed to say...
  • Matter of fact last night I got down on me knees and prayed!!
  • Dear Lord please take this guys MIC away!!
  • I'd rather take a dull blade and stick in my own rib cage then listen to another one of your tracks get played
  • It made my whole outlook on you change, Damm I thought Strain was strange
  • No disrespect but your music and me Disconnect..Id rather Diss it's content,
  • Did you realy say its intence when soldiers pitch tents? Sounds like bootie camp, Don't ask but you still tell
  • Another Weed song you broke down the 4 steps quick,the way you roll..sounds's like the How to suck dick for dummies
  • Punishment was punishing to follow, Your like Tom Mcdonald if he was a coma patient that just awakened
  • You wanna make a statement pick a topic and make a point, You wanna be so controversial your commercial
  • Shock value has to be authentic...When you spin it...Stand up for something an share it..
  • Right now it just feels phoney like your trying to piss of your parents, very generic in my view
  • It feels like a childhood rush like breaking curfew..I want you to be one who flew over the cockos nest
  • Your not complex with your content,..You ramble nonsense like your sitting in a stoner circle with Kellso and Fez
  • I feel like Red cause I dont understand one thing this dumb ass says...
  • Your Etch a Scetch lines disappear when shaking, My epi-pen lines stick an awake them
  • Injured workers get punished, what sparked that bar by you, Im sure it's real dangerous working the drive thru
  • Face it you have no drive dude, Your Mom's still drives you, Looj whos sitting shotgun in Doge Caravan
  • They say many hands make light work, That's why you light weights stand around and circle jerk...
  • All hands on dick, make you faggots stiff competition,...Its a buddy buddy system...
  • Nudged tecnekes...Arouse suspicion..Snap decisions ..Bullshit by the bushel I deconstruct
  • Your Oyster Bars are hard chuck.. Serve um up off a half shell...cause they suck
  • Raw and your attitude...neither digest look pale thats 50 shades of fail
  • IM tired of this faggots yakking..Regurgitated lines..Lord of the Flys.
  • Colonize in shit you spit out the colan..Athiest ass attracts un fly maggots who eat up his bullshit cause there still forming
  • Immunity idols are vital at tribe council, alliances blindsided, fire snubbed give up the bum...Bum
  • .Conspiracy of silence, The last contestant Ish and Saint voted of the island
  • Artificial horizons broaden the big picture
  • You Athiest assholes Tap quick, Flat as Flow when a Tilt comes to Head
  • Bunch of Dive Bars you can't buy another Round..Your Bars-Stole straight shit
  • Athiest Christ stinks! His win streaks need bleach..His Skids Brief in the ring
  • Line number 60 and the picture just became clearer at the end...Saint hired a contracted killer to kill 4 men for a 10

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