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  • Money on the run, that's running business
  • -Do this shit for fun? That's some decision
  • Coming in this, I wondered, "Is this a road that they'll be fucking with?"
  • They loving it, making paper, like Dunder Mifflin
  • Still got haters and doubters I keep on running into
  • -Got a problem? Hop on the track, I'd love to diss you
  • People hate on successes, you got some fucking issues
  • Like- damn, need me to get you another tissue?
  • Just please don't go- come back, no one'll miss you
  • Well, I won't, I'll shrug my shoulders and just continue
  • On my mission, encountered a lot of villains
  • I'm kicking them down repeatedly lyrically, like it's some Jujitsu


  • Intro:
  • yo, you want the beef, i´ll put some bbq sauce on it.
  • Verse 1:
  • I didn´t do shit to you, so why you coming fast at me like a bowling ball?
  • I really admired your songs, but look what happened, talking shit on my wall
  • When you asked for this battle, were you being 4 real?
  • We ain´t playing games with you, bitch this ain´t no deal
  • Truth or Dare? Lemme repeat myself, Truth or Dare?
  • You think these disses phase me, you know i don´t care
  • Have you read the definition of infinity?
  • cause i´ll be nice to you, you got some ability
  • I may lose some battles, i may lose some here and there
  • but why would i battle, if i got a huge heart to share?
  • Verse 2:
  • Can i be honest? i can´t rap in real life, so i just write music some days
  • i´m the smartest in my class, ACT coming up so i gotta prepare, my ways
  • But i just wanted to deal with this shit today, not tomorrow, nor in the night
  • I´m sorry if i offend you but some rappers are better than you, yeah i said it right
  • that´s all i have, this is plain losing streaks for me but do i even care
  • vroom vroom

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