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I'm not done with you and Saint_Aspect.

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Battle on March 5 2023


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  • Yo OneS0n you better keep your mouth shut because
  • If I diss yo stupid ass it ain't gonna be pretty
  • You think that you're better than me but you're really not
  • When I rap my rhymes they rock
  • You can't rap your rhymes they suck
  • Tell your boyfriend that I said go suck a dick
  • 100 Bitches on my dick
  • You have a 2 inch and that's no cap
  • Why would your boyfriend be sucking it?
  • OneS0n you're the duck without the waddle
  • OneS0n you're the horse without the saddle
  • OneS0n you're the ranch without the cattle
  • OneS0n you're the king without the castle your
  • Name is son but you don't even have one
  • Walk wit a waddle, like Daffy Duck
  • Your nose is so big that you built like a pig
  • I don't even care how you diss
  • Better stay 10
  • Better stay out of my buisness
  • Better stay on your toes
  • Cause it ain't no rules nigga, anything goes!
  • I have so many hoes
  • I have so many foes
  • I'll drop you in the fire and I'll teach you a lesson
  • Tell your boyfriend to go suck a dick
  • You can't be talking your rhymes don't even make sense
  • It’s starting to make sense I belive that you're gay
  • I heard Saint_Aspect said that he respects you
  • But it was just a lie he doesn't even care about you
  • You started some beef
  • You say i don't want no beef, but you just started some
  • I know that you're online and this time I'll show you who I am
  • Tell your mamma that I said go give her a kiss
  • You think you can diss but you really can't you're not on my level
  • You just a scared little kid.


  • Look, I get that you think you are better,
  • But thats not a good choice
  • You think you are the center of the earth
  • but your a pest that annoys,
  • Don't tell me to Kill myself When you don't have the power
  • You think you can prove yourself, But your left on the kitchen counter
  • you seem to come back prouder and prouder, I guess this is your (moment of truth)song that he used for a battle
  • You refuse to believe the fact that everyone's on the roof above of you
  • You sit in a booth, trying to find an excuse to prove, that you actually improve
  • you sit and talk loud, you scream and you shout, But I know Inside that
  • you're full of doubt.

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