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  • I wish I could go back to when I was younger when
  • everything was bright and sunny then the world wasn't attacking me
  • just let me be I wish I could walk around feeling safe now I'm feeling the
  • darkest of things be shouting come help me, please I wish I could be alone
  • at times feel like committing crimes, I got issues we all do I feel pain feels
  • worse than ever weighing me down man I'm frighted I just wanna
  • be alone at times there's fear in my eyes they took it too far but I'm
  • partly the blame I mean hey it's a shame this ain't a game this is real life
  • feeling like sticking in the knife take my life suicide I guess you can say I'd
  • be feeling like this every day guess I should pray to the lord ask him for help
  • when I'm feeling hopeless tho? just Please let me be let me free I wanna
  • be alone yeah yeah alone at times I wanna kill the pain break the chains set
  • me free just let me be alone at times there was a time when my grades
  • where hights but now I feel like getting high but ion know how to come
  • down, so now I'm trynna be yeah be alone I'd be feeling like a fake liar
  • "What do you want me to say? You're a Lovely Little Liar." I mean I know
  • I am trynna get out of that stage now man but hey gotta stick to the plan if i
  • wanna change but for now, I just wanna be alone, alone at times
  • Here's what I'm saying, man. just tell me I feel like I'm living in hell can
  • anything gets worse than this. I'm living in hell I'd be in my room all the time
  • just to be alone at times feels like this gonna be a lifetime, feeling
  • down and feeling depressed will I ever find my way out? someday?
  • I really don't care what people say I'm just trynna be myself and live my life
  • I'd be alone at times but that's what I want how I feel right now I mean tell
  • how why this all happing now why did I have to be so young suicide on
  • the rise but I'd be feeling high so now I'd be alone at times


  • I been seemin kinda fine, alright until i try
  • To grind to write till i can rhyme all my lines
  • Read between em, see as i mean em
  • Demons on my ceiling screaming got me kneeling till i make em leave with reasons
  • See im a believer
  • We know the season changer
  • Feed me papers lines like lasers
  • I read it like a favor
  • Till i pull up outside and see you want me for later
  • I know the creator not the king from the Lakers
  • Nowadays i been feeling kinda useless
  • Everywhere i go the people got their two cents
  • Im gone
  • Flyin so high that they dont know what im on
  • But am i wrong if my flaw is i live in His time zone
  • And i was told that i would have it forever
  • No pressure
  • The blessor has blessed me beyond measure
  • And i treasure the fact that he did it for me
  • For us
  • Now i cant wait to be in the presence of his pleasure
  • All i want is you God
  • Know you wont take all the strife and fights outta my life
  • Cause i can use em for you
  • From the darkness will come a piercing light

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