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  • Ok so I'm guessing you say that you spit venomous
  • Well, I spit weaponized crescents, and effervescent mental blessings
  • absorb it through your earholes after that I spear your thick throat
  • Next try talking without a dick, if so I will give you a medal
  • Height is incredible, lines not really slender, fat as a header
  • You squeal and groan in agony as you hear these ethereal moans
  • Quite absurd I thought you heard though?
  • We be lighting birds, licking random girls, chugging chunky curds,
  • Raging testerone, everything screaming bone me
  • but god is also whispering phone me
  • Firstly fingers furl into a Fist, temper curls,
  • we be screaming fuck you and your world ho
  • Dirty hoe, my raps leave you to toil in the soil
  • I take your bars and uncoil, bend the metal turn it into foil
  • You soft, no offense, it's just the fact that I'm a boss
  • Makes me see everyone as a loss, sense the meaning of my 2 cents
  • I build a bridge of cement composed of saliva that I used to fill the trench
  • This is my composition, just know your lyrics I be singing
  • Harder than a sex addict goes batshit sinning
  • Well I guess I am hell bent on you getting to know what I meant
  • Truly quite factual, actually super casual
  • These bars a simple fractal, a quick easy capsule
  • Easy to swallow, but hard to digest
  • I get you churning, need to relax, you upset
  • Ask rufus, I'm ruthless, but know he's roofieing the roofless
  • But I guess you are clueless, and thats why you're fruitless
  • I rip you up and leave you rootless
  • Why you rapping when you are toothless


  • you think u tough man im blowing your bluff u bet yo mom yo ass is wiped comin for the mouth no eye brows you better bow and take a vow only i can shut yo mouth and i u hella ugly and i will kill u in yo fucking house

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