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  • Oh look
  • im on top of the highway again
  • maybe itd be better if i just jump
  • repent for the consequence of my sins
  • no more family to live for i hate all my friends
  • its indirect
  • the people around me being affected
  • never in my life did i think id be arrested and tested
  • but hter truth always comes to the light
  • now im trapped by the pipe
  • and the time you spent on my mind
  • but i know im blessed
  • cause i turned it all around
  • Captured by the thought of rapture comin from the sky
  • Laughter and pain therafter brought bipolar to my line
  • and why do they die
  • the people i love the ones that i need
  • But she had cancer everywhere now shes livin free
  • it forced me to leave
  • go get a place of my own
  • Now i have my own life but i feel so alone


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  • Welcome back to another visit, what was it that I was missin'?
  • A couple of kids, some women, some pills, a little Ambien
  • They all in my closet 'n cabinet, they still got the frightened facial expressions
  • Except the little boy from last night, I gauged out his eyes
  • The screams were horrified, I slashed his throat, there's gonna be a murder tonight
  • Ding Dong, the doorbell rings, come inside, we're gonna play
  • The game's already been started, try to escape, you retarded
  • Just a few more minutes, I promise, but I enjoy watchin' them fall unconscious
  • Don a mask, got a few grudges, another snatch, I'm watchin', I'm huntin'
  • Sit behind a computer screen, watching you die, just keep on screaming
  • Nobody can hear your cries, this evil is heating
  • We're just getting started, please don't you leave me
  • I'm begging 'n pleading for another opportunity
  • You keep on screaming, now your all bleeding
  • I'm laughing, enjoying every minute of this green bean
  • That boy's too skinny, no way he'll survive this
  • He turns green because of the poison in his climate
  • It's sick what you can easily come up with, we're humans, we're supposed to be relentless
  • My face hardens like plastic, I'm watchin', just starin'
  • Hidden behind a mask, my devilish grin, smile with glee as I watch you lose your limbs
  • We're humans, it's perfectly natural, it ain't disgustin'
  • When they die, I'll attach them to some new limbs, they snap together, legos, some fresh mannequins
  • The blood is drippin' but nobody's rippin'
  • At least not anymore, I took care of that before
  • What's locked behind the door? Your mother, the known whore
  • Re-animate them like Pinnochio, your just a puppet, the strings from a yo-yo
  • Someone broke in, oh no, guess I've gotta get to torturin', don't go

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