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  • Bringing "all that" like Keenan and Kel
  • Most better fall back or it's bleeding or jail
  • Receipts from when the streets paid well
  • But they all got burnt in the cell
  • Mind turned to hell devil sales to sell
  • Flow like a sail dope through the mail
  • Do it well if it's a bad thing
  • Quick cashing then dip out it's a fast game
  • Fast pace no laps to race
  • Relapse to the face blueberry lemonade haze
  • Too many ways my mind shifts shapes
  • Like you can maybe relate I didn't fly straight
  • Define great
  • I'm just rhyming at an age in which
  • I shouldn't be in this predicament fuck it I don't give a shit
  • Cause when I'm baked stress releases a bit
  • Ceases grip suck my cock and or dick
  • Not my opponents lips
  • So this is not a diss
  • Just a general statement
  • But I'll try to get past that gay shit
  • I thought it was humorous more than a uterus
  • Foolishness school a bitch to suck a tip
  • No tip given after
  • Maybe call again don't have tah
  • too many thing to do
  • When all you do is get distracted from laughter
  • With my brain and different strains combined
  • Go like nasa


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  • Run off in ya trap my nigga its may day
  • Im on sum playa shit hoe you gotta pay yo way
  • All black draco looking like shanaynay
  • Yeah its tru im dope
  • But you dont want no smoke
  • Even tho im P'd up i still fuck with them locs
  • Hittas in every gang
  • Shootas in every set
  • They all busting for slime
  • No matter what they rep
  • I heard some bitches hating on me
  • What the fuck is that about
  • You not getting a response
  • No free promo
  • Or no clout
  • My name must taste good since its all up in ya mouth
  • Talking jawless like you flawless
  • Bitch i see you in the crowd
  • Imma gangsta
  • hey don't want to see no gangster bitches win
  • We're in the industry, fucked up let these gangster bitches in
  • They say my 15 minutes up, I'm only 15 minutes in
  • Before they ever catch me slippin', I'ma slide and spin again like, uh
  • Said I was done, well, dude, we back at it again
  • Said he can't get no ass no more, I'm lookin' back at it again like, uh
  • Been makin' money, I ain't tryna make no friends and, if he did, he got to stand on that
  • Ain't makin' no amends (on gang)
  • Put some boots on I snatch a nigga with no ass (no ass)
  • He tellin' me he love me do them other bitches know that? (huh?)
  • He say he love me, told him he can tell his ho that
  • And, I really just be vibin'
  • I don't see why they be so mad (mad ass)

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