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  • Verse
  • I try to stay positive, but all the negative shit
  • Is surrounding me, and I can't handle it
  • It's really pathetic and I immediately regret it
  • There I said it and I meant it
  • This rap thing turns me into a menace
  • I hate it but still I try to defend it
  • I try to paint a picture and a message
  • For you, so you can understand the hell I'm in
  • The more pain that I'm telling
  • It feels like nobody's listening
  • That's why I'm stuck in the kitchen
  • Sinking in all the drinks that I drink
  • And I start to think that my drinking
  • Is a problem for me, can someone solve it for me
  • I'm probably gonna die from it
  • Why wouldn't I, I know I'm an alcoholic
  • I empty my wallet on it, got so many flaws
  • Do not liking this at all, who the fuck can I call
  • 'Cause I'm depressed
  • Everything will eventually come to an end,
  • So try to savor the moment, cause time flies, don’t it?
  • The beauty of life, you gotta make it last for the better,
  • Cause nothin’ lasts forever.I ain’t goin out like a spineless jellyfish.
  • Some say life is a bitch…
  • Ask that punk who dug his own ditch.In this life ain’t no happy endings;
  • Only pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance.
  • be a father, if not, why bother, son?
  • A boy can make ‘em, but a man can raise one.
  • If you did it, admit it and stick with it.
  • I’ma say this shit now and never again:
  • We ain’t buddies, we ain’t partners and we damn sure ain’t friends.
  • The games you playin, you get killed like that,
  • Actin like you all hard, you ain’t built like that.
  • Bitch, you ain’t got nothin on the rich,
  • Every other day my whole dress code switchI could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem,
  • Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams.
  • I use it as my gas, so they say that I’m gassed,
  • But without it I’d be last, so I ought to laugh…
  • I thank the Lord for every morning he allows me to rise,
  • And though the sun is shining, there’s a cloud in the sky
  • Lettin’ me know that at any moment there could be rain.
  • And as beautiful as life is, there still can be pain.
  • Down the park, I hear the sirens, just screamin’ away,
  • And then the inevitable happens, the end of them days,
  • As sad as it sounds, but that’s the price we all gotta pay.
  • And the whole world knows God giveth, and will taketh away.
  • I live and I learn, I sit and watch my cigarette burn
  • Down to the ash. It reminds me of the now and the past.
  • I say a little prayer, cause eventually I’ll stand in the path
  • Of the souls and dark rows that lead to rest.


  • Fuck negative shit, ain't never gon' front 'bout the slump I'm in
  • I'm the executive, produce the sensitive, 'bout to fuck 'em up, a "Lethal Weapon"
  • But there's nothin' lethal 'bout this shit, call me immortal 'cause of this print
  • Keep hearin' the teacher, envision chokin' 'em to give 'em a lesson
  • Teach like a preacher, touch them kids like some ether
  • Goin' deeper, I burn 'em, hurlin' fevers, I'm the speaker, you the sneaker
  • I step on 'em 'fore I get on somethin' deeper, fuck 'em up, goin' nuclear
  • Gettin' sweeter like sugar, usin' slurs, gaurdin' Earth, got some barriers
  • Playin' in reverse to catch up, got another verse, no kethcup, just blood
  • I ain't talkin' shit from stages, I'm just spittin' phrases, hate them faces
  • Just go on in dissin' places, we're in different ages
  • Fuck them sensitive faggots, if they retarded, I'mma spurt that shit freely
  • Got some crippled bitches 'n they think they the shit
  • That's like sayin' people got midgets 'n think they worth shit
  • We're all separate, unequally divided, racism rises, 'n we cry climate
  • 'Cause it just gets hotter when the tension heightens
  • Need some guidance but you like the science
  • Mixin' chemicals like some vine shit
  • Vine died off for YouTube, ain't never been the same, just some Voodoo
  • Ain't tryna rhyme, just spittin' facts, ain't never had a crime, I ain't stack

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