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  • You pussies ain't shit
  • I got class and can't take this bitch to math, what
  • You pussies ain't shit, You talkin like you shit
  • Nigga talk shit nigga get hit
  • And dip her teeth in gold molds and flossed the shit
  • and drop the gossip shit.
  • I'm tall, dark, skinny, my ears are big as fuck
  • Fuck a mask, I want that ho to know it's me, ugh
  • 'Til a stray bullet got his lungs struck
  • ops
  • im beating this fool like battle field to black ops
  • The one eyed cyclops, from the hip hop black ops, ready or not I cant stop.
  • I'm a fucking walking paradox, no I'm not
  • Murdered every bod from my squad
  • 845 Brick squad on the track/
  • Into something with swag, nigga, don't be mad


  • Your rhymes are unethical, a chemical too inedible for peasants on a pedestal.
  • Seek attention that is medical, after I play jump-rope with your intestinal cuz it’s flexible.
  • You’re a mental skeletal chewing on a testicle, me and your bitch are bound to get sexual.
  • Visit her in Texas, pull-up with a brand new Lexus, called on the Nexus sporting a brand new necklace.
  • Bonnie and Clyde type of heat it got hectic, fans begging for an autograph cuz I pack more grills than a dentist.
  • You’re just an idiot with no meaning in a sentence, play the role of demented, a ditch with your name is where you’re headed.
  • Claiming you’ll smack a couple dudes, but your mama said it’s time to come in and eat your fucking food.
  • Chow down, brown cow, sniff the coke off the couch, I get more cheese than a fucking mouse in my house.
  • More bounce to the ounce, a couple rounds for these clowns claiming they roll around their stopping grounds.
  • It’s all for show, I stuck my dick inside the window and your bitch began to blow the Dope.
  • The aftermath is too affirmative you can’t cope, this user is whack and his style is outdated to even have hope.

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