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  • you already showed me your true colors
  • now you want to say sorry
  • just busy with that molly
  • yeah you think things is all jolly
  • True colors (x5)
  • I see my brother right there
  • he swear up and down that he cared
  • but instead he was never ever there
  • I'm tired of my family leaving me in despair
  • Things happened so fast I couldn’t prepare
  • Strings cut, can’t be repaired
  • Everything I ever did, you never cared about
  • I just sit there and think: “what did I do?”
  • Oh I know, nothin
  • they were the mothafuckin issue
  • You done showed me your true colors
  • Now you find the need to up and run
  • No need to act dumb mom
  • When you know what you did was wrong
  • I look up and your gone
  • And never came back
  • Because you and the colors you showed was very dull
  • You threw shit out in a glass bowl
  • To shatter and splinter
  • Use your hate for the the kindle
  • You done already showed that you don’t give a shit
  • So why do I even try
  • I was always there for you my dear family
  • But when you showed them true colors
  • It's time to say i'm done
  • Sorry mom I’m not like you
  • I ain’t no bum
  • Ain’t gonna let you depict who I am
  • But when you need me, here take my hand
  • need to learn to spread your own wings and expand
  • Just shut the fuck up, I don’t wanna hear you rant
  • Stick up for what you did
  • Had a family and you just randomly called it quits?
  • Fuck that shit
  • I am done bitch


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  • second time, feels like that i'm stuck in time
  • same issues only got older, my fine print only got bolder
  • i find that my shoulder's big cuz the weight i carry feels like nine boulders
  • everything that i fucking did turns to regret as i get colder
  • cant change this time, wont make up lines, cant fake this time
  • i hate my life i gained that drive just to drive myself insane
  • she do hate me, she broke my heart and no one cares
  • i'mma turn on god and go upstairs and be like hades
  • Allmighty 4x
  • i'm split into three, look what she did
  • times that by three, thats how i'll be
  • i'm off of my rockers but no longer standing yea she done killed me
  • i want to roam in the night sky, burning like rome in the daylight
  • i've been alone since i was like five, feel like a home with no inside, yea
  • know that i'm frozen i put all my problems right back on the team,
  • why they with me? i do not know but they hold up my back
  • when i'm split into seams, why do i dream
  • everything i touch it turns into gold then its taken from me, why do i breathe
  • i was a liar not doing ok and thats not fine with me, my enemy is
  • all mighty 4x

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