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  • Making my way downtown
  • Walking fast faces pass and I’m homebound
  • V1: I’m a white chick, but I got a dick
  • Pumpkin spice lattes that’s the fuckin shit
  • And you know I’m shallow, total narcissist
  • Got so many pills bro these hoes call me a pharmacist
  • BLM in my bio, look at me I’m so woke
  • Daddy bailed me out of prison now I’m on a houseboat
  • All I do is party if I fail my class I’m sorry
  • I spend all my time at raves, heard some guy named Playboi Carti
  • Lecture others about white privilege, yet I’m rich as fuck
  • And if I’m failing my class, than my professor’s dick I’ll suck
  • Wait hold up, I’m not finished, I’m part of a sorority
  • I don’t think for myself, I agree with the majority
  • All I watch is Friends, Gossip Girl, and The Kardashians
  • Force my man to watch rom coms or else I’ll be trashing him
  • Pretty Little Liars, all my friends are fake
  • Broke up with my boyfriend, made him cry like he was Drake
  • And when I say Drake I mean Champagne Papi
  • And on every test, you know that I copied
  • And I need you
  • And I miss you
  • And now I wonder if
  • V2: Blue hair and pronouns, let me act superior
  • Not a feminist cuz I think men are inferior
  • Dated one asshole so now I think all men are Tate
  • Twitter is my life, I haven’t gone outside and haven’t ate
  • Got like ten piercings and my dad left me abandoned
  • Haven’t got sun so my skin’s white as a phantom
  • When it comes to Starbucks I’m a total Karen
  • I be speeding down the freeway all you hear is sirens blaring


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