Battles  N0tWorthIt vs Dope_Doc


5 minute battle again rap as much diss as you can in 5 minutes be a real one and dont cheat i have 13 lines goodluck

Max of 22 lines


Dope_Doc won this battle!


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Battle on December 9 2022


  • spit facts and lines at you till you learn my language
  • i fit bullet holes in yo brothers spine till yo whole family is vanquished
  • running up on em with these bars they aint ever extinguish
  • now ima kill you while writing what is closest to english
  • make sure you dont need help cuz if you unprepared you gonna have to seek it
  • say its not provided than the titanic your on it and your sinkin
  • left you with my last words so you have something to relapse when you start thinkin
  • cuz motherfucker i will have you buried with your bloods souls dead linked in
  • you just a pussy to me aint nobody decievin
  • left you bloody with burn marks thats all im leavin
  • been spraying so hard my smoke alarm be ringin
  • you aint even rappin you barely be singing
  • fuck you and all you been defeated


  • You’re a fetus that even your mother didn’t wanna birth it,
  • Fucking shit, why am I responding if this bitch ain’t worth it.
  • His raps are ass like Kardashian hits, plastic and fake like silicone titts.
  • I’m Rap Pad royalty, nobody likes you so don’t even question the loyalty.
  • They all work for me like Cartels, purchased a bin, your body will smell.
  • You’re going to hell, you can’t even spell, fucked your bitch at a motel.
  • Your rhymes are basic, it’s not worth going all out against this fake bitch.
  • You’ll never be the same kid, give me lip, I’ll reload the clip and steadily grip.
  • I’m a real G like Eazy in ‘93, slugs hit your chest like bee’s stinging bears off a tree.
  • One, two, and three, the Dope Doc went back to kindergarten bars to defeat this he-she.
  • I go full throttle, you’re the type of fag to stick his nuts in a Sprite bottle.

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