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from 3mo ago realized i had it so ill just challenge

Max of 31 lines


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  • i didnt even try on the first, but losing man made my brain hurt
  • but now i gotta take time to burst, im immersed and now my verse is versing yours call this versed
  • dry clay? and your day? you're dying of thirst. make sure your energized or you're never hitting a growth spurt
  • but im casually causing casuality actually never needed faculty cause me always had me
  • and me always knew what i wanted to be. never neglected by family but now im hungry whos next on the spree?
  • oh its Vi? so ugly. call herself violet cause the bullies put her in dirt and now me wants to face her face first
  • but i cant, never on my level not keeping it subliminal. physically and lyrical never enticed me so take this middle and shove it up thy arse
  • hit was critical. wouldve been but you like that shite. uncritical! give this little emo the pistol
  • thinkin she been dope. wouldve been, couldnt be suspensful with a pencil. but that metal to wrist to arm go up and down like beats to instrumental
  • bitch think she so special this is EXTRA mental. couldnt put pencil to pad so she went mad and turned into a PEN DOPE
  • a fiend feening to feen fiend believed she had the schemes but really no one just wanted to be mean
  • wake up to reality alphabet peep let this seep deep into your cranium meat
  • letting off steam on rappad songs that no one propped since a man ate a bat in wuhan
  • you're too calm, no one knew what dorn could do when enough weirdos and LGBTQ came at me
  • but me's flipping it now im coming at you dont get too blue even if you dont have a clue
  • i love alphabet soup! momma always said ''dont play with food''
  • but ive never been the one to listen i break rules. dont put me next to guards i just might let loose
  • take 5 ties and make a noose, this nutjobs through, take Violin and wrap it around her grooves!
  • boo hoo! violins screams to me are just tunes. hope this goon realizes this is childish. ending off some beef
  • with a handkerchief, brief sweep to your face clown got red on her nose, blood leak
  • fucking freak, chopstick body leave ya hanging in some microwaved ramen
  • calling batman and robin for this fucking cobblepot goblin face troublin homo
  • you cant even get half this shit, bit off more than you could chew you suck too much dick
  • violet, intake take this vile insolence, imbecile. truth be told, my pen did this hatecrime, so violent
  • punchline so blunt, this bludy cunt died from it, vile led
  • ''separate the petal from the stem'' we preforming biomed on this bald head
  • first it was a wannabe slim, now its a wannabe plant kin
  • said you had some extra green, turn you into plankton


  • Professional
  • Who you?
  • Eminem
  • Dawg you don't know my name?
  • Professional
  • Nah I just saw a tall-
  • Lil Wayne
  • Let's get to the lyrics he's hoppin' on the track.
  • Professional
  • Am I?
  • Lil Wayne/ Eminem
  • (Laughs)

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